And the award goes to...

Greetings from The World's Worst Blogger When It Comes To Posting On A Regular Basis!

It's finals week here at Ready in Five, so I have been extremely busy wrapping everything up with my grad classes and still managing to go to work five days a week. Woof.

Anyway, I have no outfit pictures for you kids today. Womp, womp. Although, I promise, I have been wearing clothes the past week, cute ones too! It's a shame I don't have time to take self-indulgent photographs of how great I look, it really is.

To appease you for the time being, check out my friend's album that he just wrote, recorded, mixed, and mastered more or less ALL BY HIMSELF. (He had a little help on bass and drums).

You can listen to 2 of the songs online (more to come!) if you go here: http://stanleytall.bandcamp.com/

Check 'em out!