Day Eight: H&M top, Valerie Stevens fur vest, AE trousers, Asos flats

belt, H&M
earrings, purchased in high school for Junior Prom!

I feel ultra glamorous today with my fur vest, lace top, and chandelier earrings. Fergie would be so proud!

I sucked it up and wore flats today. But there was NO WAY I could handle bare feets, so I wore my nude socks. They look exactly like what my Grandma used to wear to keep the fluid in her legs down to a normal level. Hot. That will attract the male species for sure.


BiblioMOMia said...

I want a fur vest soooooooooooo badly! And yours is gorgeous!

I wear my "prom jewelry" all the time these days too. Isn't it funny how it doesn't seem so fancy after a few years? (More like a decade for me, but whatever...)

AmyW said...

love love love the fur vest! okay, the book suggestions - I was definitely laughing out loud at Klosterman, I've read ragtime but I did love it and it was in high school so maybe I'll read it again, i actually have everything is illuminated but couldn't get into it - I'll have to give it another try, and I will definitely add a Sedaris book to the list, I've heard such good things from so many people!

also, check out my newest post - i tagged you as a stylish and versatile blog so check out the rules for what you do next!