All the Single Ladies

Day Ten: H&M top and cardigan, Talbots trousers, UO pumps

earrings, Charlotte Russe
necklace, gift

Despite being single for most of them, I'm not really one to hate on Valentine's Day. Although, I was a little bitter about it freshman year of college and spent the entire day stuffing my face with candy and watching American Psycho in bed with the lights off. But, those angsty teen years are long gone. I'm very grateful for my family and my truly spectacular group of friends, they give me all the love I need. 

That being said, I still loathe the color pink. So, black lace and pearls is about as lovey-dovey as my clothing will get.  

To all my single ladies out there, grab your girlfriends and go get some margaritas. And to those of you with a special someone, have a lovely evening :)


laura said...

black lace and pearls are classic! you look stunning! ♥

Jen HaHA said...

Lexie! What in the world? You're on my blogroll and I thought I was following you, but I've had no updates so I thought you were MIA! Turns out I've been MIA from reading your blog! Blogger is being weird because it's keeping you on the bottom of my blog roll which means no updates. It also didn't like your URL and you're on Blogger! Well, I signed up through my dashboard to follow you so all should be well. Phew! (Can you sense my panic?)

Anthony, love the pearls! Great lace top, too!

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