Sneezy McGee

Day Twenty Three: F21 top, F21 skirt, Valerie Stevens vest, Asos flats 

bracelet, gift
tights, Target

Spring has to be approaching because my sinuses are all aflutter today. I've never been so happy about allergy symptoms. It was deceptively sunny today though, thus my shivering in the 2nd picture.

Despite my constant sniffling, I feel pretty glam today. I think it's this vest. And this bracelet is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I should just move to Copenhagen and wear fur and jewels all the time and pretend I'm a member of the royal family. And drink good beer. Denmark, I miss you.

Also, today is Excitement Day over at Jen's blog. If you want to get in on the action, link to her post.

And because I have no shame, here is my excited face:


Elle said...

omg lex i was SO 80s today...our moms would have been proud. still debating whether to change out of my hoodie and actually post.

i love ya vest and ya face.

kimmie said...

Has this blouse always been in your 30? because I don't remember seeing it, but I LOVE IT. Can I have it please??? Pretty please?

Oh, and you look gorgeous. jealous of your pretty eyez.

Ramsey said...

You look like such a doll in this...in love!