Modcloth Madness

Modcloth tunic, NY & Co. jeggings, Kenneth Cole boots, UO necklace
I've worn every Modcloth item I own this week! First a floral dress, then green flats, and now this tunic. Which, I am just realizing is slightly sheer when faced with my camera's flash. Oops.

Speaking of Modcloth, I've been stalking their site all week and wishing I didn't have to spend my money on things like rent and groceries and could buy this, this, and this instead.

Also, we're supposed to get about 5-6 inches of snow tomorrow, so I've already decided I'm not wearing anything worthwhile. It will be a silent protest of this completely inappropriate event.

Springing Forward!

Ok, so after Tuesday's mope-fest, I woke up yesterday with a new attitude. I bought myself an Iced Vanilla Latte (with soy milk, 1 Splenda, and an extra shot of espresso) and opened up my day planner. Time management is my new strategy, because clearly procrastination (my usual tactic) was not working for me this time around.
Long story short, there was no time for a photoshoot. (For those of you who are interested, I wore boring work clothes: black ruffled button-up, olive trousers, black flats) So, instead, I'll share with you what I want my spring/summer wardrobe to look like.
Isabel Marant

In short, lots of florals and no black! Hoooraaayyyy ;)


Rhapsody in Grey

Loft top, Gap skirt, Target tights, Asos flats

I'm in a really weird mood today and I'm not quite sure why. The morning started off normal enough, but then I went into a downward spiral of moody. So, I'm going to whine for three sentences and then stop. Because anything longer than that is unnecessary and lame. 

In the past, I've been able to juggle 3-4 obligations at once, so I never thought grad school and a "real life" job would get overwhelming. Today, I realized it is. I am exhausted, unmotivated, angst-y, disappointed, and uninspired. 

Okay, done. 

As my good friends always say: "It's fine, it's totally fine. Everything will be fiiine." 
They're right.



F21 cardigan, Modcloth dress, Bass Outlet tights and socks, UO boots
This Modcloth dress is one of my favorite pieces of clothing. It is so incredibly versatile, not to mention comfortable. Today, it gave an otherwise dreary palette a bunch of springtime color. Hooray!

I got a ton of inspiration today from this lookbook on the Loft website. Looking through it gave me some great ideas to help ease into the wardrobe transition from winter to spring to summer!

Speaking of new developments, I joined bloglovin'! The format there is so efficient and user-friendly, set up an account if you haven't already!
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Office Diversity

H&M dress, UO pumps, gifted pearl necklace, F21 sunglasses, Target tights, Victoria's Secret coat

I wore this on Thursday to some out-of-town client meetings. The pale green tweed is making me really excited for a spring palette! And these are my new sunglasses. I love.  

F21 sweater, AE necklace, F21 jeans, Modcloth flats, Clinique lipstick

I wore this to the office on Friday. It reminds me of something Linley would wear, probably because of the necklace. Clearly, my work wardrobe varies from one extreme to the other. I really like having the diversity though. One day I'm a corporate diva, the next I'm a data entry fashionista. It appeals to my ADD-like need for a change of pace now and then.


Snip, Snip

H&M dress, Old Navy cardigan, Bass Outlet tights, F21 oxfords, H&M belt

According to the Lucky magazine I was reading yesterday during my haircut, you should never wear more than 3 different colors in one outfit. Oops. But, since cream, brown, and grey are technically all neutrals, I think this outfit still passes the test. Besides, it's comfortable, cute, and involves my newest shoe obsession. Those are the only requirements I need!

So, I snipped a good two inches off my hair yesterday and I have to say, I feel SO MUCH BETTER. It was getting a bit long for my liking. To make a good situation better, I only paid...

...wait for it...

EIGHT DOLLARS. No, I'm not hallucinating. I actually paid $8 for a wash, cut, and blow dry. My secret is this: beauty school students.

You see, before they can graduate, the students have to log a total of 1000 hours in the on-site salon. They offer every sort of spa service imaginable at APPALLINGLY low prices. Plus, since I'm a student, I get an extra discount. Thus, my insanely cheap haircut.

So, if you're looking for the most meticulous haircut of your life for literally the price of a sandwich, find your local school of spa technology!


New kicks.

tank, A&F; cardigan, H&M; jeans, AE; belt, H&M; oxfords, F21; necklace, JC Penney

One word: Oxfords. 

I have been salivating over all the cute pairs everyone else has picked up, so when I saw these guys chillin' on a shelf at Forever 21, with a $24 price tag, I just had to make them mine.

For being cheap shoes, they are surprisingly comfortable. And I love that they have a teeny little heel. And how they look slightly worn already. And how the toes are pointy. And how cute they look with jeans.

You guys, I think I just started a really intense love affair. Best part? They won't leave the toilet seat up.


It's All Good

top, F21; skirt, F21; tights, Target; boots, UO

I did some serious damage at Forever 21 this weekend. And since I'm sure all of you are dying to know what I scooped up, here's a list:

  • the top and skirt above
  • another patterned skirt
  • a ROMPER!
  • a patterned dress
  • a pair of really fab sunglasses
  • dark brown oxfords (1/2 inch heel)
  • strappy camel brown wedges (1 inch heel)

I got all that for $100!

I'm really glad I bought this skirt and top, they made a blizzard on the second day of spring slightly more tolerable. Gotta love the Northeast.

Also, take note that nothing I purchased over the weekend is a plain neutral. GO ME! This skirt is the only black thing I purchased, and it has a pattern! Not to mention pockets. I seriously love skirts with pockets.

I can't wait to wear the romper; it is painfully cute. I've been looking for one since the summer and I can never find one that fits right (I have a really long torso, and most of them aren't tall enough in the midsection) and this one is perfect. And only cost $11!


Untapped Potential

top, United Colors of Benetton; cardigan, Old Navy; skirt, Old Navy; tights, Target; shoes, Unlisted
This skirt was my first official post-30 purchase! I swiped it up for a whopping $6 from Tieka's online store. If you haven't already, check out her blog! She has some amazing vintage-inspired looks.

I was in desperate need of some fresh, work-appropriate items, so this skirt really is perfect. I love the tweed-like effect!

On that note, I am hitting up the mall today and I am SO EXCITED. I made a list of things I need (thank you, 30-for-30) and I am so ready to do some bargain hunting. 

Have a fab weekend, lovies. :)


I wish I was Irish...

It would make explaining my red hair so much easier. (I'm actually Sicilian and German, to the dismay of the general public.)

In leiu of an outfit post, I am going to give you guys a sneak peek into my Real Life and share some fun St. Pat's memories!

2007 - My bffs from HS and I all went to NYC for the parade!

2009 - Me and the girls celebrating St. Pat's at CState!

2010 - Parade Day at BU with some of my favorite people of all time!

2010 - In Vegas a few days later, and still celebrating!!

2011 - Kegs & Eggs. Google it, people got a little too crazy this year.

Have a safe, happy, and Guiness/Jameson-filled holiday!!



Day Thirty: TJ Maxx cardigan, F21 skirt, Kenneth Cole boots
tights, Bass Outlet
socks, Bass Outlet
scarf, gift


Finally. And only a week (or two...) behind schedule. Not too shabby for my first 30-for-30.

My entire Winter Edition is tallied up over on my sidebar (Thanks again, Kimmie!), so feel free to check out my outfits and let me know which were your favorites!

Personally, I loved 6, 9, 13, and 20. This adventure definitely helped spark some wardrobe creativity, and I certainly appreciate the clothes I already own much more than I did a month ago.



Frontier Friday

Day Twenty Nine: Valerie Stevens fur vest, H&M flannel tunic, F21 cut-offs, Kenneth Cole boots
tights, Target
socks, Bass Outlet

I feel like I'm channeling my inner Frontiersman today.  Although, I doubt Louis and Clark or Paul Bunyan ever wore homemade cut-off shorts with tights.

I love this flannel shirt. It is the first one I have ever purchased, and I've been able to remix it into some super comfy outfits:
Tucked into a corduroy skirt
Belted with jeans
Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all have as much fun this weekend as I'm going to :)


Businesswoman by day, Housewife by night

Day Twenty Eight: H&M blazer, H&M dress, UO boots

earrings, gift (Baby Bro bought them for me while he was in NYC!)
tights, Target

I reallyyyy wanted to wear my green flats with this, but it's raining today. Womp womp.

But good news! Only TWO outfits left, AND tomorrow is Friday! Hooray!

This weekend is going to be a little ridiculous. My brother and his best friend are probably visiting Friday, then Saturday is the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown, and then Sunday my boo/favorite cuddle buddy is coming to visit!

I absolutely love when people come to visit me. There is something about playing hostess that I find really appealing: cleaning/organizing before they arrive, cooking dinner, introducing old friends to new ones... I love all of it. Housewife-in-training, anyone?

Speaking of domesticity, I made a really yummy (and so simple) dinner last night - spanish-style rice and beans!
Ingredients: olive oil, garlic, red onion, tomato paste, chicken (or vegetable) stock, cumin, rice, black beans, salt and pepper. avocado and shredded cheese to garnish!
Directions (yields about 4 servings): saute 1 Tbsp minced garlic and 1/4 cup chopped onion. set aside. saute 1 cup of rice in olive oil until lightly browned. add to rice the sauteed garlic/onion, 1 cup water, 1 cup stock, 6 oz of tomato paste, 1 tsp of cumin, 1 tsp salt and a dash of pepper. stir and simmer for 30 hour. stir in black beans and serve!

I used the leftovers today to make a BALLER burrito. I just added scrambled eggs, sour cream, and salsa, then wrapped it up!


Check it out!

Day Twenty Seven: Target top, Charlotte Russe shorts, Kenneth Cole boots
tights, Target
earrings, Charlotte Russe

I'm fresh out of things to talk about today, so instead I'm going to shamelessly promote!

I have a fun little thing called a Tumblr that I use to share things I like or inspire me. It's mostly pictures with some videos thrown in there.

Also, if you look to your right, you will see my Twitter feed! I use my Twitter account to share whatever is on my mind, what I'm doing, or funny things I come across.

So yeah, if you find me remotely interesting, feel free to follow my other internet thingies. I really appreciate all the people who take the time to look at this blog and leave comments, you guys are just great. THANK YOU!!


EBEW: Polka Dots!

Day Twenty Six: Gap cardigan, F21 dress, UO boots

ring, F21
tights, gift

I got these footless tights as a gift last Christmas and was completely stumped on what to wear them with. They have been waiting patiently in my tights/socks drawer for the past year, and I am so excited I finally figured out an outfit for them!

As Elle knows, I've been lusting after a pair of sheer black tights with black polka dots. I think I would wear those more often, since these are a little bulky to wear with shorts. And we all know how much I love shorts+tights. 

Go check out how Everbody, Everywhere wore their dots!

Polka Dots | Everybody, Everywear

Behind Schedule

Day Twenty Five: Target top, F21 jeans, UO boots
tank, A&F
scarf, Esprit

We got hit with an ice/snow storm yesterday morning, so I didn't have to go to work! After a day of catching up on my Hulu queue and doing homework, the roomie and I finally got out of our pjs and met up with friends for wursts, brats, and biers.

Since I am dayssss behind everyone else on the 30-for-30, I forced myself to snap a quick picture before we left.  At least I'm not the only one lagging behind.

And don't worry, I'm wearing polka-dot tights today. Pictures are forthcoming!