30for30: Winter 2011 Edition

(12) Tops:
navy lace, H&M
grey puff sleeve tee, H&M
flannel, H&M
grey cardigan, H&M
brown sweater, F21
patterned top, JC Penny
black top, Banana Republic
ruffle button-up, F21
teal cardigan, Gap
black lace, H&M
embellished t-shirt, Target
navy cardigan, Marshall's

(2) Other:
black blazer, H&M
fur vest, Valerie Stevens

(8) Bottoms:
green trousers, AE
navy trousers, Gap
grey trousers, Talbots
skinny jeans, AE
olive skirt, F21
black shorts, Charlotte Russe
denim cut-offs, F21

(2) Dresses:
black dress, F21
grey dress, H&M

(6) Shoes:
green flats, Modcloth
black boots, UO
black suede pumps, UO
brown boots, Kenneth Cole
brown pumps, Unlisted
navy flats, Asos

I am so nervous/excited to be part of Kendi's 30for30 this season! This list is the result of a lot of editing/consultation/polling. Thanks to everyone who voted in the shoe poll, I ended being able to include both pairs, so hooray! And a very special thanks to Elle and Caitlin for making me wear color/prints and holding my hand as I freaked out about this all weekend haha.

The mystery item will arrive in the mail within the next week, and I just HAD TO include it. 
Also, check out my new black boots. Aren't they great?!

To any of you experienced Remixers out there, do you have any tips for a first-timer?! 



Hello, readers!

I have a dilemma. As most of you know, I signed up for Kendi's 30for30 challenge, winter edition. My room is currently covered in an assortment of dresses, sweaters, and trousers as I try and figure out what the hell I am choosing. The challenge starts Tuesday. AH.

My biggest issue right now is shoes. I love shoes. So, it is really hard for me to decide between which pairs I have to leave behind for the next 30 days.

Right now, I have: brown boots, black boots (they're new! and so cute!), black pumps, and green flats.

My navy flats and brown pumps are in a tie:

Which should I pick?! Post your choice in a comment :)


Monsters Inside Me

Doom is clearly admiring my sweet flats.

sweater, AE
tank, A&F
jeans, F21
flats, Modcloth
pearl necklace, gift

I just ate a giant burger with cheddar, bacon, sauteed onions, and bbq sauce. With a side of onion rings and sweet potato fries (I shared that part with friends, don't worry). And fried ice cream for dessert (also, shared, thank God). Oh, and a couple bites of the roomie's Portabella Burger because she couldn't finish it and I mean, we wouldn't want food to go to waste, right?

My friends and I have officially decided that there is a Food Monster living inside me that is completely insatiable and lacks all sense of reason and social tact. 

Every now and then I'll go on a bender and literally eat anything I can find. I've tried everything I can think of to stop The Monster from surfacing: eating a protein filled breakfast, snacking at work, eating an apple when I think I'm hungry, chewing gum between meals. Nothing satisfies The Monster. 

Should I call MTV? (True Life: I Have A Food Monster Living Inside Me) 
Or maybe my friends should call A&E and stage an intervention. Then at least I could spend a few weeks in California doing yoga and learning how to tell The Monster to knock it off.

Anyone else have a Monster inside them? 


Fashion Blog Flash Mob: Umbrellas!

Channel 7: Accu-Weather Forecast, coming at ya!

dress, F21
cardigan, Gap
pumps, UO
earrings, AE

I am so glad that I was able to participate in Jen's Fashion Blog Flash Mob today! All the prop work made me pine for my previous life as a showgirl... er, ballerina. 

Yeah, I was in A Chorus Line in high school. Give me a staircase, a cane, and a top hat and I will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Have a fashion blog? Join in on the next flash mob!

In other news, this is the giant deathcicle outside my bedroom window:

Bad news bears.


I've got sunshineee on a cloudyy dayy

top, F21
jeggings, AE
cardigan, H&M
headband, Charlotte Russe
boots, Kenneth Cole

Last night, I was browsing my outfits posts from the past week or so and realized that just about every single outfit was made up of neutral colors. I had succumbed to the winter blah! Luckily, I have this little floral print number to drag me out of it.

I woke up late this morning, so I didn't have time to shower. (Ew?) 
Praise Jesus for dry shampoo and headbands!


Silky Goodness

tunic/belt, H&M
jeggings, NY&Co.
boots, Airwalk

I only had time to snap one picture this morning because I was running a bit behind (probably should not have hit the snooze button those last 6 times...)

A little casual for work, I know. But it is snowing (again/forever) and I didn't have the mental capacity needed to make these boots work with a dressier ensemble. Also, I wanted something that I could wear to class later. Because I'm lazy. I wore dangly earrings though! That counts for something, right?


Impending Doom

top, AE
pants, Talbots
necklace, UO

It was below zero this morning in New York. Not the best way to start the week. And it is supposed to snow continuously for the next three days. A sign of the apocalypse? I think so.

But, it's okay, because I had (another!) kick-ass weekend full of dance parties, Tom Collins, and delicious meals.  I made this, this, and this. So domestic!

The bff came to visit and was kind enough to snap my outfit photos this morning. Doom decided he wanted to join in on the fun:


Minor Alterations

sweater dress, Martin & Osa
tights, Target
earrings, AE
boots, Kenneth Cole

I didn't realize until last night when I was uploading my pictures just how short my dress was yesterday. Probably about two inches shorter than what would generally be considered "work appropriate." Ooooops. So, today I made the smart decision of browsing my pictures before leaving the house. Thus, the addition of a belt, which I think did wonders for this outfit. 

And I know, my hair is up. INSANITY. But, the last thing I wanted to worry about while clearing three inches of snow off my car was my hair being in my face. (It came down about an hour into work, it needs to be loose or it gets angry. Yes, my hair does have its own personality.) 

Apartment sneak peek: Rainbow bamboo place mats!


Warm and Fuzzy

vintage earrings, a boutique in Copenhagen
dress, F21
belt, H&M
fur vest, Valerie Stevens
scarf, gift
boots, Reaction by Kenneth Cole

You guys, I think I finally nailed down the only way to stay warm in this godforsaken tundra. FUR. AND LAYERS. (And an actual winter coat, instead of being stubborn and wearing my fall jacket weeks after the winter solstice)
I know, groundbreaking. Here's my formula:
Tights with socks (or sweater tights, or :gasp: pants) + Cotton top or dress + Cardigan or vest (preferably with fur!) + Giant winter coat and long scarf + boots = INVINCIBILITY


"Yeah, three buttons is a little '90's, Mr. Wayne."

top, Banana Republic
skirt, F21
scarf, F21
pearls, from Mom
flats, Reaction by Kenneth Cole  

Today, I officially transformed from a Red Dragon to a Black Knight. While CState will always be dear to me, I must admit, I look much better in black than I do in red.
It was a balmy 20 degrees here today, but my sweater tights were up to the challenge. However, I discovered today that my flats are not waterproof. That or the slush was so deep that it managed to sneak up the sides. Gotta watch out for that sneaky slush, you guys.

Besides sweater tights and scarves, the only thing protecting me from frostbite is this winter coat. The hood is enormous, and I'm pretty sure I look like a giant grey eskimo walking down the street, but dammit, I'm warm!

Also, here is a sneak peek of the apartment! If you look closely you will find A. my obsession with Fight Club, B. Doom using our leather arm chair to creep on the people slipping on the ice outside and C. our FABULOUS leopard couch pillow.


Ice Queen

cardigan, Gap
jeans, NY & Co.
boots, Airwalk

Today was supposed to be my first day of grad classes. But, there is currently an ice storm raging outside, so everything got cancelled. Except work, because hospitals always need to be staffed. It took me FORTY FIVE minutes to make the 15 minute trip home from the office. Apparently, there are no plows. Sup, 10 billion dollar budget deficit.

In other news, Kendi announced the next 30-for-30 today! And I signed up! The tentative start date is February 1st, and I am actually really excited. I think this will be a great opportunity to get to know my work wardrobe and make this blog a little more personable and analytical. 



shirt, NY & Co.
pants, Talbots
shoes, UO

Generally speaking, I'm not very intimidating. I giggle and I have limited upper body strength and I like frills and makeup. So, this is my attempt at being an authority figure. Ruffled black button-up with high waisted grey trousers and black suede pumps. Bam. Watch out. 
In case I haven't gushed about them enough already, I am SO GLAD I bought these pumps, they have been essential to my work (and play) wardrobe. 

This is my last round of webcam photographs, I promise!
Also, the roomie and I went apartment shopping today, so I will have pretty apartment photos soon. Yay!


Ups and Downs

dress, H&M
sweater, F21
boots, Airwalk

Color! Hoorayyyy! 

This outfit was the only bright spot in my morning (besides my amazing roomie who made me blueberry pancakes and eggnog coffee to cheer me up). Apparently when there is a snowstorm in this glorious capital city, you can only park in certain areas. I was not aware of this when I parked Wednesday morning, so when I turned the corner this morning and saw a pile of snow and no car, I freaked out. Three hours and $150 later, I rescued my car from impound and finally arrived at the office. 

But it's okay, because I made pasta with alfredo sauce and broccoli for dinner and my only plan for tonight is sitting in front of the tv and drinking Mudslides.


Pre-Fall Inspiration

Here's some snow day fueled inspiration for ya. I need some fresh ideas for my wear-to-work outfits!

Carolina Herrera
Sexy and professional. I feel like the 2011 version of Joan would wear this. Love the shoes. And the leopard print, obviously.
I am really liking the 70s vibe here. (I'm a sucker for giant sunglasses, what do you want from me?) I need to get better at incorporating color into my work wear.

Jason Wu
Pants. Stripes. Teal eye makeup. These are few of my favorite things. Oh, and sushi. And a good Malbec.  And HGTV. Preferably, all three combined.
Monique Lhuillier
 I know, it's bizarre that I would like something simple and neutral. So out of character!  But, really. Classic. Never goes out of style, kids.
Oscar de la Renta

Oscar, I love just about everything you make. He has such a fantastic understanding of how to make clothes for a woman's body, not just a runway model. Simple, flattering shape with a great pattern and a pop of color. J'adore.