Check it out!

Day Twenty Seven: Target top, Charlotte Russe shorts, Kenneth Cole boots
tights, Target
earrings, Charlotte Russe

I'm fresh out of things to talk about today, so instead I'm going to shamelessly promote!

I have a fun little thing called a Tumblr that I use to share things I like or inspire me. It's mostly pictures with some videos thrown in there.

Also, if you look to your right, you will see my Twitter feed! I use my Twitter account to share whatever is on my mind, what I'm doing, or funny things I come across.

So yeah, if you find me remotely interesting, feel free to follow my other internet thingies. I really appreciate all the people who take the time to look at this blog and leave comments, you guys are just great. THANK YOU!!


Caitlin said...

woooo shorts and tights! pretty.
also, i'm reallyyy tempted to start a tumblr. but i would just repost pretty things. gah.

kimmie said...

you look great, lexie!!! :)