Party on, Zombie Jesus!

*Warning: This is a photo heavy post. Beware!*

This weekend was jam-packed with food, friends, and fun. And while all that excitement (and lack of sleep) made getting up this morning extremely difficult, it was totally worth it.

Friday night was family dinner, as per usual, and we did a Mediterranean theme again.  This great decision yielded chicken bolognese, hummus, and hearty Italian bread with herb-infused olive oil. I made a grilled veggie phyllo pie with feta, eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, and red onion.  The roomie made this cracked-out, Easter-inspired monkey bread that combined Peeps and buttermilk biscuits. It was intoxicating.

Still sleep deprived from a week of papers and stressful work situations, I threw some clothes in a bag and left Saturday morning for the much anticipated NYC reunion. Because I was running 3 hours late (oops), I had to drive straight from my apartment upstate to the train station in my hometown, and made the train with mere seconds to spare. But, luckily I made it in time to check out the Topshop in Soho with Elle, my best friend from home, and one of our college friends (A). I was too out of it to appreciate the sheer retail extravagance of this place, so I'll definitely have to go back.

Then we met up with another college buddy, wandered about, and got seriously delicious cupcakes.
Butter Pecan Cupcake
Our appetites sparked from the intense sugary goodness, we headed to a Mexican tapas restaurant for drinks and food. Everything was incredibly yummy.
Chips, salsa and lobster guacamole
Pork-stuffed plantains, braised beef on a corn cake, and meatballs
Mango tiramisu
Finally satisfied, we hung out at a little hookah bar for a bit, gossiping over a pitcher of white sangria, before meeting up with an old friend from high school at a fantastic dive bar that served coffee shop drinks along with a great selection of beer.
CakeShop, East Village, NYC
Exhausted from all the socialization, we had one last obligation to fulfill: street meat. So we headed towards Astor Place and got what was HANDS DOWN the best lamb gyro I have EVER had. I even got a free bottle of water because, according to the owner of the street cart, I am white like tzatziki sauce.

The next morning, Elle, college friend A, and I got ourselves together and had breakfast at the Polish diner near A's apartment. Nothing makes me happier than a Mediterranean omelet with challah toast, a giant iced coffee, and two really great friends.
Elle, keeping up on the latest backpack trends
Because we're terrible bloggers, Elle and I were too distracted by external factors (like, where to eat next) to take outfit pictures. So, we posed for these gems on Easter morning:
weee! friends!
This is what we're like 90% of the time.
I was lazy and didn't shower (attractive, I know) before heading home, so I disguised my not-so-clean hair with an LC-style braid to spare those taking the train with me from seeing the horrors that lay beneath my side part and messy bun.
makeshift headband to hide my greasy roots
After a much needed shower, and a wild dash to gather all my spring/summer clothing to bring back upstate, I went out for an early dinner with my Dad and brother.
Homemade pasta with rabbit, asparagus, and brussel sprouts
Yes, I ate rabbit on Easter. Yes, that probably makes me a terrible person. But I don't care, it was delicious.
Grilled salmon with artichoke sauce over potatoes and asparagus
We also got macadamia-nut tempura calamari with a pineapple dipping sauce, hanger steak with bleu cheese mashed potatoes and spinach, apple-pecan pie, and chocolate lava cake, but the wolves ate all of it before pictures could be taken.
Nicky Bro-bro and I!
I hope all of you got to have as much fun and food as I did this weekend!!


Slacking Off

Why hellooooo there, loyal kittens! I apologize for being MIA this week, school+work+life has been kicking my bootay this week, and I just could not find time to take outfit pictures.
In lieu of an actual "this is what I wore today" post, I am instead asking (actually, begging) for your assistance in a matter of utmost importance.

Any of you who follow Elle of Joy, etc. (If you don't, do it. She's adorable) are most likely aware that the two of us are joining some college friends in NYC this weekend. It is sure to be a memorable time.

My dilemma, as usual, is that I can't decide what the eff to wear. The transitional weather is certainly not helping.

So, here's the break-down:

Weather: high 50s/low 60s, chance of rain
Itinerary: train ride, brunch, thrifting/wandering, wine bar, dinner, LES bar scene, breakfast, train ride
Objective: outfits that can easily transition between indoor/outdoor and from day/night

Right now, I'm leaning towards either a F21 dress or romper. I haven't had a chance to wear either of them yet and they have been staring me down from their respective hangers every time I open my closet.

Option 1: Dress (similar)
Daytime: black tights, black boots, black blazer (noticing a trend?)
Evening: swap boots for heels (probably black. hey, it's NYC nightlife. everyone wears black!)

Option 2: Romper (navy with green and white tulips)
Daytime: blue tights, kelly green over-sized cardigan, camel wedges
Evening: I'm stumped with this one. I would probably switch to my green flats, and swap out the cardi for.... something else? Help!

So yeah, as clearly evidenced above, I'm struggling a bit. Any words of wisdom from the audience? Feel free to suggest entirely different outfits too. I'm not completely hung up on these two pieces.

Thanks in advance!! My weekend bag loves you already (previously, I was planning on just stuffing her to the max with 5 different options).


EBEW: Maxi-mum Potential

It's Maxi Day over at EBEW! I was so excited when the maxi dress won the poll - I own 3 and I adore each of them. So effortlessly chic, and comfortable to boot!
H&M dress and belt, Old Navy cardigan, F21 sandals, gifted jewelry

I'm really proud of myself today for how well-accessorized I am. Normally I abide by the "before you leave, take off one thing" mantra, but today I just piled it on. Must be the sunny, warm weather. Hooray for it finally being spring in New York! I'm off to class, and then it's time for a free B&J's ice cream cone. SO EXCITED.

Wear a maxi today? Show it off!

Maxi Skirt/Dress | Everybody, Everywear


Weekend Wrap-up

Photo courtesy of Petah's baller SLR
 After my shopping trip, some of my friends and I had a Mexican themed family dinner on Friday night. My contribution was black bean salsa - so simple and SO DELICIOUS.
black beans, tomatoes, corn, cilantro, cumin, salt, pepper, roasted red peppers, red onions, lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic.
I spent Saturday doing homework and drinking an iced Almond Joy latte (nomnom) at the local coffee shop before going to an art show on campus. Best part? I got to wear my new polka dot tights!!
VS tank, F21 tank, DYI cut offs, H&M tights, VS hoodie, A&F scarf, UO sneakers, UO sunglasses
Note my canvas shopping bag, perfect size for my Macbook and notebook. Also, my landlord happened to walk down this alley right after I took this picture. Close call.

And now, on this lovely Sunday evening, I'm cuddling on the couch with my kitty watching the Comedy Awards. Life is good.
my pretty Sheva kitty!


Decisions are hard.

Gap tank, Gap cardigan, AE trousers, Charlotte Russe flats
Looking back at my recent posts, I've realized that almost everything I own is either a black, gray, or a shade of blue. So, last night, when the roomie and I went on an impromptu shopping trip to find a new shirt for her flute recital, I picked up a few things at H&M:
  • sheer polka dot tights $9.95 - I've wanted a pair of these for SO LONG and I'm really happy I finally own them.
  • striped button-up shirt $19.95 - Much needed wear-to-work item
  • floral halter dress $12.95 - So perfect for summer, and it's a really pretty shade of periwinkle
  • gray and peach striped 3/4-sleeve sweater dress $10 - A little pop of citrus for my spring wardrobe!
Things I tried on, wanted, but didn't get.
  • Chambray shirt $25.95 - It fit really well, and was super soft, but I couldn't justify the price.
  • Navy maxi dress (don't remember the price) - I own two already, but I seriously love how effortless and chic they are. 
Chances of me going back and getting both of those? Pretty good. Don't be surprised if I'm wearing a tied-up chambray with a navy maxi dress and my strap-y wedges later this week. Yeah, that outfit idea just confirmed my fears. Damn you, H&M!


Spring? Is that you?!

Old Navy top, H&M cardigan, Talbots trousers, Modcloth flats

Tomorrow is FINALLY Friday, thank God. I feel like this week crawled by, despite the crazy amount of work/other responsibilities I had the past four or five days. 

Bloggy bun days make me (almost) wish I had bangs again. I did them for a while (got bored one night sophomore year and cut them myself lol) but they ended up being really high-maintenance so I grew them out. I feel like they were helpful in adding some color to my otherwise really pale face.

It was fantastically sunny and warm today, which makes me unreasonably happy. Probably because I can drive home from work with my music really loud and my windows down. It's the little things.


The Nicest Thing

H&M top, AE trousers, Asos flats, Charlotte Russe headband and earrings
A lovely package greeted me at the door today! Two weeks ago, Linley came up with the genius idea of a Blogger Mix CD Swap. After posting it on her Twitter, our little group was formed and we decided to each make a playlist and send a cd to each blogger.

I got Bekah's in the mail today, and right off the bat I am really happy about it. Spotted on the track listing: Kate Nash, Mumford & Sons, Regina Spektor, Sonic Youth, A Fine Frenzy, Katy Perry, Evan Rachel Wood and Sara Bareilles. This is going to make my morning commute so much better!


Not-So-Blue Skies

Express tunic, NY & Co. jeggings, H&M belt, Kenneth Cole boots

Today (and the rest of the week) might be rainy and gray, but my weekend was far from dull or dreary.

Friday night we had Family Dinner, a new weekly tradition that started last week when I made 3lbs of homemade macaroni and cheese. We did it potluck style and ate like kings, but drank like peasants (I can't wait until 4 Loko is off the mini mart shelves forever). My favorite dish was baked brie with apricot marmalade and pecans. I could seriously eat that every day.
the beginnings of Peter's Pasta Puttanesca
Then on Saturday I went to my friend's senior recital and laid outside enjoying the sunshine before going downtown to see Eatliz and Consider the Source. Which was, amazing. I danced for at least 3 hours straight to some of the best live music I have ever heard. Lee Triffon is the baddest biatch on the block - anyone who performs in Jeffrey Cambell shoes gets an A+ in my book. And John Ferrara is the most humble and friendly musician ever (not to mention adorable and a killer bassist).