Behind Schedule

Day Twenty Five: Target top, F21 jeans, UO boots
tank, A&F
scarf, Esprit

We got hit with an ice/snow storm yesterday morning, so I didn't have to go to work! After a day of catching up on my Hulu queue and doing homework, the roomie and I finally got out of our pjs and met up with friends for wursts, brats, and biers.

Since I am dayssss behind everyone else on the 30-for-30, I forced myself to snap a quick picture before we left.  At least I'm not the only one lagging behind.

And don't worry, I'm wearing polka-dot tights today. Pictures are forthcoming!


Elle said...

why did you want to steal my tights so bad if you have a similar pair, yourself?! i love you. j'adoreee.