Out with the Old and In with the New

I have so much to post about I don't even know where to start. The past week has been a hectic, but really good one.
Lists always seem to serve me well in these types of situations:

1. I got a job! 150 people applied, and they picked me. Freaking awesome.
Also, it pays $16/hour. YAY. They want me to start Monday. AH.

2. I got the keys to my apartment and started buying cute things. Don't worry, I'll be posting the transformation.

3. I got a new winter coat! Snow and wind will be no match for me.

4. I got my poster in the mail!!

5. My apologies for a lack of outfits, but I promise I will take lots of pictures this weekend. I've been wearing only sweats or interview clothes lately, and those are boring (I only wear black/grey and no jewelry when on an interview; I want them to remember me for my qualifications, not my sparkly necklace or red skirt).

Picture time!

The always adorable Kimmie (who has mastered cute business casual like no other), held a giveaway a week or two ago and I won! My prize was a fabulous poster (of my choice!) from A Vintage Poster. Can't wait to put it in my apartment :)

I ordered a Calvin Klein winter coat from Macy's last week and it came today. It was originally $265 and I got it on sale for $109.99 with free shipping! While it looks bulky in the pictures, it is actually fairly slimming when worn, which is rare for a down-filled, knee-length coat.
I'm loving the giant, fur-lined hood.
Dilemma of the day: I need a bedspread!
Okay, so I have this fabulous rug (a gift from a family friend!) that is going to work beautifully as a pop of color in my white-walled apartment. However, I am having a very hard time deciding on what kind of comforter/bedspread would compliment it best. Suggestions?!

Okay, time to continue packing.
Ginger is being a big help, as usual.



So, in case you don't watch the news, downstate NY was hit by a blizzard yesterday. No joke. It started with flurries around one and turned into a full-blown storm by dinnertime. My town got a good twenty inches by the end of it. My poor dad works in New Jersey... it took him four hours to drive to work, they got THIRTY inches where his office is. I don't care where you're from, that is a lot of snow in one night.
Luckily, the roads were fine by this afternoon (minus the blustering wind), so my friend and I went to the mall (bought a cute winter top from AT Loft! yay post-xmas sales.) and then got sushi. Such a good choice.

my driveway around 8pm.

roof comparison: above is approx. 8pm
below is approx. 1am

My brother's car this morning. Buried.

Sushi and EEL. nom.


Feel the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling

For those of you who weren't preteens during the 90's, those are N*SYNC lyrics from their critically acclaimed holiday album.

The fam and I spent Christmas Eve with dad's gf's family. Afterwards, we went for a drive through the neighboring development to look at lights. Every year, all the homeowners line their driveways with luminaries (white paper bags with tea lights) and it is really lovely.

(Shitty picture from my phone that does not give it justice.)

I wanted to open presents last night (patience is not one of my virtues), but my brother insisted that we wait. Guess who was jumping on his bed at 10am saying, "PRESENTS! PRESENTSPRESENTSPRESNETSSSSS." Yeah, that would be me, his 22 year old sister.

Ginger got a meat flavored rawhide. Delicious.

We spent the afternoon at a family friend's house eating brisket and chocolate mousse cheesecake. I completely understand why the average American gains 5-7 lbs during the holiday season.
They have a really cool historical home (the woman who invented birth control lived there!) so I snatched the opportunity to snap some outfit pics. The second one is for you, Elle.

flats, Reaction by Kenneth Cole; skirt (with pockets!), F21; sweater, F21;
necklace, UO; scarf, F21

What's that you say? My pictures look much better than usual? Oh, that would be because instead of using my Macbook webcam to take pictures, I can now use my
No big deal, it just has 10x zoom, and is 14.1 mega pixels, and automatically takes the photo when the model smiles, and has an awesome panorama function that lets me do things like this:

But enough bragging, on to the pretty Christmas pictures.


We like to take Myspace pictures. It helps us remember what high school was like.

Bored with the inside of the house, Nick and I ventured outdoors for inspiration. Resulting in this brief photo essay, that reads kind of like Britney Spears' commercial for Fantasy.

Once upon a time, there was a ginger in a garden.

But she had to run away to the warm car because her hands were cold.

Then her brother tried to channel his inner model, and they lived happily ever after.


Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa/Hanukkah/Festivus, everyone!


Loose Ends

This post is going to be a little sporadic, so bear with me.

Part One: Fettucine Alfredo, the ultimate comfort food.

I used Giada's recipe as a reference (less lemon juice, no lemon zest, add green peas, sprinkle parsley) and it turned out pretty delicious. Dad and Nick devoured it, which is a pretty high compliment considering how critical Nick can be of my cooking ("You're a woman! You're supposed to be like Martha Stewart! You belong in the kitchen, you have to make only delicious things!).

Part Two: The Crazy Things You Do When You Become a Blogger

I went Christmas shopping in Connecticut (yay, no sales tax!) yesterday and finally got all of my gifts squared away. As a congratulatory measure, I took some time to do a little light shopping (there were some amazing sales going on, I can't pass that up) and found myself taking outfit pictures in the dressing room. I don't know how this happened, and I apologize to the general public.

dress, Modcloth; cardigan, Old Navy; scarf, American Apparel; boots, Kenneth Cole

This dress is so comfortable and so cute. I've worn it countless times, overall a great purchase. Thanks, Modcloth!

To make up for my social faux pas, I bought a top at H&M for $5 that I have been eyeing for two months and a really comfy pair of jeggings (with pockets!) at NY&Co. for $13. Success!

Part Three: Out-take

This is my Mary-Kate Olsen impression, it is inspired by this: Very Mary-Kate

Okay, now I seriouslyyyyy need to start packing and doing laundry. I have a job interview tomorrow and I am signing the lease for my apartment/hunting for furniture! But I have SO MUCH to do before then, gah!

Ready in Five Goes High Def

These photos are courtesy of my friend's amazing camera and awesome apartment with roof access. I had never seen Main Street from this height, it was pretty cool. Enjoy!

Despite his best attempts ("Look off into the distance, be thoughtful!"), it's still really hard for me not to laugh when being photographed.


Winter Wonderland

sweater, F21; jeans, hand-me-down from Mom; scarf, gift; shoes, F21; owl necklace, F21; coat, Brooks Brothers

Photographs are courtesy of my bff Caitlin, who trudged out in the snow with me. I can only imagine what people driving by were thinking... the pair of us having a photo shoot on a children's playground in 20 degree weather, one of us in 4 inch heels, and the other on crutches. Hilarity.

These are the infamous shoes I bought in Vegas last week. They are awesome. And surprisingly comfortable. We went out to lunch and saw Love and Other Drugs, so I figured that was as good a time as any to break them in.

Also, Jake Gyllenhaal is GORGEOUS. I'm not usually one for romcoms, but Love and Other Drugs was funny/cute/touching. The 90's outfits they had Anne Hathaway in were FAB.


I'ma get more shine than a little bit

We had our first real snowfall last night (an inch and a half! woo!), so I spent today cuddled up in sweatpants being domestic. Besides doing a lot of cleaning, I made quiche! So easy, and sooo yummy.

Step 1: saute peppers and onions

Step 2: combine 5 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese, parsley, and salt/pepper to taste

Step 3: add peppers/onions to mixture and pour into pie crust

Step 5: bake at 375 for 35 minutes

I made some roasted potatoes and hollandaise sauce to go with it. I'm going to make an awesome housewife one day haha.

Side note: while washing dishes/cleaning out the fridge, I was blaring the MTV Hits station and this song motivated me so hard.

I wish I was that cool when I was 9.


Gifts to Myself!

I was welcomed home by not one, but TWO, packages! Before leaving for Vegas, I did a teensy bit of online shopping. I have heard a lot of great things about Asos and Etsy, so I decided to try them out for myself.

Package Numero Uno:

Navy flats from Asos. Cute and versatile! $35

Package Numero Dos:

Leather hobo from VerboseNYC on Etsy. Practical and vintage! $25


Day Six: Rain Rain, Go Away

It has been raining since my drive home from the airport. Ugh. It's nice to be back home, but I really wish New York had better weather.

Comfy plane outfit: flannel, H&M; jeggings, AE; boots, Kenneth Cole

The strip!

Bird's eye view of Vegas

Sunset over the Rockies

Midnight snack at Eveready Diner. Best poor decision making ever.


Day Five: Mon Cheri

striped top, Target; scarf, F21; jeans, AE; flats, ModCloth; belt, borrowed from mom; purse, UO
(squinting courtesy of extreme glare and Mom demanding I take off my sunglasses)

Bonjour! (In my head, I say it like Julia Child.)

Yesterday, mom and I went for brunch at Mimi's Cafe, the cutest little French-inspired cafe I've ever been to. I ordered Crab Cakes Benedict and a Pomosa (pomegranate juice, orange juice, and sparkling wine), which were both delectable. They served it with fruit and nut bread and whipped butter. Nomnomnom.

This blog is starting to make me sound like an obese alcoholic, but I'm really okay with it.


Day Four: Girls Night Out

dress, H&M; blazer, H&M; shoes, Urban Outfitters; necklace, borrowed from Mom

Yesterday, I made french toast for breakfast (topped with bananas and raspberries. nom.) and then laid around the house all day reading Hyperbole and a Half, which is probably the funniest blog I have ever read.

But, there was a purpose behind my laziness! I was resting up for Ladies Night with my aunt and cousin, both seasoned Las Vegas party girls. Mom and I met them at Brio, a swanky Tuscan bar and grill, where we shared carpaccio (paired with a Flirtini (Prosecco, Absolut Raspberri, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and Citronge)) and lobster ravioli (paired with a glass of Malbec). DELICIOUS.

Then we moved on to Blue Martini. There was a live band playing salsa and jazz. I enviously watched a woman dance with her husband, and boyyyy could he work it. This scene was punctuated with a Caipirinha (the national cocktail of Brazil) and my mom rehashing how my dad used to get drunk and pretend to play Great Balls of Fire using the bar as a piano.

Our last stop was Cadillac Ranch. Even though it was walking distance from Blue Martini, you could not imagine a bigger contrast. This place had a mechanical bull. (No, I didn't ride it. But, I have tried in the past, and that shit is difficult.) My cousin ordered me a Colorado Bulldog, which tastes like a chocolate milkshake but is actually a mixture of Kahlua, Coke, and milk.

Overall, it was a great night. I had never met my cousin before, so it was really nice to spend some time with her. And my aunt is always a blast (she is so Las Vegas, I can't imagine her living anywhere else) so it was fantastic to see her.