Busy Bee

Day Eighteen: H&M top, F21 skirt, UO boots

scarf, F21
tights, Target

This outfit is the direct result of a suggestion from Jen. It served me well today; I needed something that could transition from work and running errands to doing research for a news article and getting sushi with the girls. Honestly, I don't think I would have paired these two items together on my own, but I really love the pink and black lace with the olive green. This skirt was such a great purchase. I've been able to remix the crap out of it, just like I predicted.

Other ways I've worn it:


Elle said...

i went shopping today and i bought color. be proud of me.

Jen HaHA said...

Yay, thanks for allowing me to play stylist! I'm sure I've done my stylist (aka my 6yo) proud! Honestly, I didn't realize that your H&M lace top is pink otherwise I might not have paired it with this skirt. Actually, I might have still because I've been in a pink-and-green phase lately.

I hope your weekend sees some downtime, you busy bee! (What's downtime?)