It's the Final Countdown!

Day Twenty: F21 sweater, F21 jeans, Unlisted pumps

tank, Victoria's Secret
necklace, F21

I am still exhausted from last week/the weekend. I've been trying to balance working 5 days a week with 3 graduate-level classes AND still have a social life. It is tiring.

Good news is:
Only 10 outfits left!
Only 4 days until Spring Break!

And while my weekend was a little crazy, it was quite excellent. I went back to my hometown Saturday to see friends/family and a litany of good things happened:

1. found out I am getting $600 back from my tax return. HELL YES.
2. had a 3-course dinner date with my brother at my favorite mexican restaurant. We had oysters on the half shell, bacon wrapped shrimp in a honey bbq sauce, chorizo and zucchini flower quesadillas, flan, and sangria. It was all amazingly delicious, but I had a third trimester sized food baby for the next 12 hours.
3.  saw some good friends for the first time in far too long.
4. got a HOUR LONG FULL BODY MASSAGE that was so good I could barely concentrate enough to drive afterwards. I have never felt so zen in my entire life.
5. played with my friend's 9 week old puppy for like, 3 hours straight. His name is Gunner and he is probably one of the most adorable things I have EVER seen
6. I did laundry! Not exactly my favorite activity, but trust me, it really needed to be done. Yay, productivity.
7. THE ACADEMY AWARDS. I could care less about the political aspects or popularity contests, I'm in it for the clothes. Rachel Zoe styled the crap out of Anne Hathaway and she looked absolutely stunning. As did Mila Kunis, but nothing new there. That girl sweats sex appeal.


Little White Lines

Day Nineteen: Target top, Gap skirt, UO boots

leggings, Target
scarf, F21
headband, Charlotte Russe

So, I may or may not be cheating a little today. This striped number is technically not in my 30. 

BUT, BEFORE YOU SCOLD ME, I am only wearing it today because I let my friend borrow my navy sweater (which I planned on wearing with this skirt, blue tights, and brown boots) and I have yet to get it back. So, until it is returned to me, I am replacing it with this guy.

If you judge me and put giant red Cs on all of my clothes, I will counter with this: I have not shopped for clothes/accessories since the beginning of this challenge. And that my friends, is a big freaking deal.

*Please excuse my scarf tag, distracting purse, and muddy boots*


Busy Bee

Day Eighteen: H&M top, F21 skirt, UO boots

scarf, F21
tights, Target

This outfit is the direct result of a suggestion from Jen. It served me well today; I needed something that could transition from work and running errands to doing research for a news article and getting sushi with the girls. Honestly, I don't think I would have paired these two items together on my own, but I really love the pink and black lace with the olive green. This skirt was such a great purchase. I've been able to remix the crap out of it, just like I predicted.

Other ways I've worn it:


Hump Day

 Day Seventeen: H&M flannel, F21 jeans, Kenneth Cole boots 

earrings, Charlotte Russe
belt, H&M
ribbon turned headband, courtesy of my own creativity

I was completely unable to muster the motivation needed for dressing up today. So, Casual Wednesday it is. Besides, I was the only one in the office today, so I could afford to be a little lazy with my attire. The sheer lipstick has to count for something though, right?

Okay, I'm off to prepare for class tonight. I got a 100 on a paper earlier this week and I want to continue my winning streak!



Day Sixteen: F21 top, H&M cardigan, AE trousers, Asos flats

sunglasses, UO

I almost didn't post today because I hate all of these pictures. I was running really late for work this morning, so I had to wait until afterwards to take them (when the lighting is atrocious) and didn't have enough time before I had to leave for class to make sure they turned out nice. Ugh.

Tomorrow's pictures will be better, I promise!


Throw some glitter Make it rain

Day Fifteen: H&M top, Charlotte Russe shorts, UO boots

tights, Target
scarf, gift

Yes, those are Ke$ha lyrics. I've had Blow stuck in my head all weekend long, and jeez, it was quite a weekend. I managed to spend a lottttt more money than I should have, but it was worth the good food and good times. 

I'm halfway done with 30for30! Craziness. I am a wee bit nervous though about the second half. So far I think I've managed pretty well, but I think these next 2 weeks are going to be the hardest. 

Feel free to check out my list of items and give outfit suggestions! I love getting feedback from y'all :)

Drum roll, please.

And the winner is...

Domestic Diva!

Congrats! I'll send you an email explaining how you will receive your $20 giftcard to any of CSN's 200 online stores. Thanks to everyone who participated!

 Domestic Diva said... I'd use it toward this blanket:

lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com


Back to Black

 Day Fourteen: Banana Republic top, Gap skirt, UO boots

socks, Bass Outlet
scarf, A&F
belt, taken from a different sweater
headband, Charlotte Russe

Well, that was short lived. Grey and black are back! Boy, are they relentless.

It is juuust warm enough today to justify not wearing tights. But I found out the hard way that it is not quite Frappacino weather yet. Bummer.

It's Friday! I'm taking a bit of a roadtrip tonight with some friends to see my dad's girlfriend's nephew play his last game as captain of the basketball team and party with everyone. For that reason, I'm going to extend the giveaway until tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. This is your last chance, people!


Flashion Mob: Snuggly Huggly

Day Thirteen: H&M dress, Gap cardigan, UO pumps

scarf, Esprit
tights, Target

(I threw up a little when I wrote that post title, but it's staying. Also, that might be the most intense smile ever, sheesh.)

Fashion Blog Flash Mob strikes again! I was totally in the mood for a little self-love this morning. Probably the result of having a toasted bagel with peanut butter for breakfast. Yum.

Look, guys! Color! AND a pattern! I might actually be making some progress here. Again, probably the result of happy vibes - it was 49 degrees today!

My giveaway ends tomorrow (Friday) at midnight, so make sure you enter before then!


Neutral Nancy

 Day Twelve: H&M blazer, JC Penney top, F21 jeans, UO boots

I noticed last night when I was looking at my 30for30 sidebar (Thanks, Kimmie!) that I have been wearing a lot of neutrals. Anyone who knows me, or is familiar with this blog, knows that this isn't really a new development. But, now that I'm taking pictures (almost) every day, I'm starting to realize just how much black/grey/navy/brown I own. 

To spare all of you of another colorless day, I wore one of the two colorful tops in my pile of 30. Andddd paired it with black and black and denim. Baby steps.

Note to self, buy some more colorful shirts!

Ps. Need a little something extra for your kitchen? Enter my giveaway!


Terrific Tuesday

 Day Eleven: Target top, F21 skirt, Kenneth Cole boots

tights, Bass Outlet
socks, Bass Outlet
scarf, gift

Today was a good day:

1. got a 93 on my first real grad school assignment!
2. scored my first contract at work!
3. went all day without a cup of coffee, and still managed to be productive.

I'm off to class. Don't forget to enter the giveaway I posted last night!



As a congrats to myself for completing one third (ie. ten days) of the 30for30 Challenge, I am giving away a giftcard to All Modern!

As some of you know, I recently moved into a new apartment and have been in the process of decorating. I've been online salivating over everything from the Eames lounge chair to the three tier tray by Chilewich. I love love love interior design, and I'm sure you guys will enjoy their site as much as I do!
All Modern is just one of the 200 online stores affiliated with CSN. And you can use your $20 giftcard at any of them!

To enter, just leave a comment with your favorite item from their site by 11:59pm EST on Feb. 18th.

Sadly, this giveaway is only available to readers in the US and Canada.

Thanks! And, good luck :)

All the Single Ladies

Day Ten: H&M top and cardigan, Talbots trousers, UO pumps

earrings, Charlotte Russe
necklace, gift

Despite being single for most of them, I'm not really one to hate on Valentine's Day. Although, I was a little bitter about it freshman year of college and spent the entire day stuffing my face with candy and watching American Psycho in bed with the lights off. But, those angsty teen years are long gone. I'm very grateful for my family and my truly spectacular group of friends, they give me all the love I need. 

That being said, I still loathe the color pink. So, black lace and pearls is about as lovey-dovey as my clothing will get.  

To all my single ladies out there, grab your girlfriends and go get some margaritas. And to those of you with a special someone, have a lovely evening :)


Seven things on the Seventh day

Hey everyone! I hope all of you had great weekends :)

Amy of In My Closet tagged me as a stylish AND versatile blogger! She's such a sweetie. Check out her 52in52 book challenge, I definitely recommend anything she has on her list.

Upon receiving the award, you have to share 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 other bloggers.
So, here goes!

1. I am obsessed with all things pork. Bacon, egg, and cheese on a english muffin? Yes. Pork tenderloin in a balsamic cherry glaze? Sign me up. Pulled pork sandwich? Hell yeah.
2. Few things make me happier than driving in the summer with my windows down and my music loud.
3. My go-to night out/weekend outfit during the colder months is shorts and tights with boots, a t-shirt, and a scarf. (I'm pretty sure I've worn shorts and tights on here almost a dozen times)
4. In the summer, I rely on cotton sun-dresses and flip-flops.
5. I feel incomplete if I'm outside and not wearing sunglasses. Preferably my UO grandma-esque ones.
6. My ideal man would be a combination of Paul Rudd and Anthony Bourdain. Attractive, funny, intelligent, and well-traveled with a good appreciation for food/wine.
7. Once I graduate grad school and get a real job I am congratulating myself with a pair of these. I have been banking on this since freshman year of college.

Want to know even more about me? Check out this and this.

I'm passing this award to:

Elle of Joy Etc.
Kimmie of Blue Paper Lanterns
Hello, Monkeyface
Laura of Worldy Delights
Jen of Hemming and Hawing Again
Rose of Lovely Ladypants McGee

All of them are lovely, so be sure to take a look at their blogs!


Comfy Cozy Cuddly

Day Nine: F21 sweater, F21 dress, UO boots
the scarf and sweater tights were gifts!
glasses, Oakley
earrings, Charlotte Russe

I really did not want to leave the warmth of my bed this morning. Even my cat was begging me to cuddle with her all day (she can be very persistent) and skip out on work. But I'm a responsible adult, so I got my ass up, drank some coffee, and put on all the coziest things I own.

Despite my best efforts, there was no way I was going to manage contacts today (my eyes were sooo dry this morning). Glasses, meet blog. Blog, this is probably one of the very few times you will encounter Glasses. Glasses is very elusive and prefers to stay in a five foot vicinity of Bed and Desk, venturing out to TV only occasionally.



Day Eight: H&M top, Valerie Stevens fur vest, AE trousers, Asos flats

belt, H&M
earrings, purchased in high school for Junior Prom!

I feel ultra glamorous today with my fur vest, lace top, and chandelier earrings. Fergie would be so proud!

I sucked it up and wore flats today. But there was NO WAY I could handle bare feets, so I wore my nude socks. They look exactly like what my Grandma used to wear to keep the fluid in her legs down to a normal level. Hot. That will attract the male species for sure.



Day Seven: Marshall's sweater, F21 jeans, Kenneth Cole boots

leopard print scarf, thrifted
headband, Charlotte Russe

Hands close to my sides for warmth haha

Buttons up the back!

This scarf was originally purchased as a part of my Halloween costume two years ago. I ended up not using it, but it came in handy today when I was looking for a little oomph. It's mid-week, and I know that if I can get through today, everything will be golden.

Balancing grad school and work is starting to get interesting, but I think I'm getting into the groove of things. My biggest issue is waiting until the day before to do things. I've been a world-class procrastinator since elementary school, and old habits die hard. But, alas! No more. This is my public declaration of proactivity. I solemly swear that I will begin things sooner, rather than later.