Day Twenty Four: JC Penney top, Talbots pants, UO pumps

necklace, Claire's
tank, F21

I got a little self-indulgent with my poses today. I was feeling the Tyra pretty hard this morning and just couldn't help myself.

Also, don't worry, I didn't walk into work with my HBC hair. That is just how I wear my hair in the morning when I'm getting ready, it helps volumize it a bit. (I got enough looks the other day because of my teal tights, I don't want to shock everyone twice in one week.)

Today is Friday! Which means fun things are ahead. Specifically, a St. Patrick's Day parade with a bunch of my college friends. I'm way too excited for bagpipes and beer specials. And the color green. I am a redhead afterall.


BiblioMOMia said...

Such. Cute. HAIR. I would absolutely wear it "out" like that, if I had your curls and color! Have a wonderful pre-Patty's!

Jen HaHA said...

I like messy updos! I always put mine up when I'm getting ready so it's not all in my face when I'm doing my skincare routine. Yours looks much cooler than mine ever does. Black hair doesn't show messy tresses as well. Love the poses!
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Sarah said...

Very cute look. I love your top and I also love your necklace.


i love mochi said...

that print looks really nice on you!



St Patty's Day parade, whaa? Did I travel forward in time on my way to your blog?

Hey Lexie, is it evil of me to be glad that you're behind me on the 30? Cuz I swear I'm always last. Thanks for working on that for me ;)

Lydia Marie said...

That green top is really pretty on you! Also, I love that idea of a club. Drinking martinis, shopping sprees, and maintaining my intellectual integrity pretty much wraps up everything I want in life.

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