Day Seven: Marshall's sweater, F21 jeans, Kenneth Cole boots

leopard print scarf, thrifted
headband, Charlotte Russe

Hands close to my sides for warmth haha

Buttons up the back!

This scarf was originally purchased as a part of my Halloween costume two years ago. I ended up not using it, but it came in handy today when I was looking for a little oomph. It's mid-week, and I know that if I can get through today, everything will be golden.

Balancing grad school and work is starting to get interesting, but I think I'm getting into the groove of things. My biggest issue is waiting until the day before to do things. I've been a world-class procrastinator since elementary school, and old habits die hard. But, alas! No more. This is my public declaration of proactivity. I solemly swear that I will begin things sooner, rather than later.


BiblioMOMia said...

I'm SO glad you posted the back buttons. Super chic--absolute proof that you don't need to take a million years to get ready in the morning. With beautiful details, you look polished and classic!

Elle said...

see? and you said you've never gone thrifting. LIAR.

love the scarf. i just had coldstone. judging by how ridiculous-tiny you look, i bet you haven't had coldstone in months. come visit and i'll make you a fatty like me.

AmyW said...

What a great detail with the buttons up the back! And thanks for the shorts-with-tights advice - I have one pair that it may work with, I'll just have to wait until after the challenge to test it out!

Jen HaHA said...

Cool cardi! It buttons in front and back? Have you ever worn just one side? I guess it would fall off all day long. Silly question. Ooh, but if you had another one in another color, you could mix it up! Great scarf! And as always, your hair is so gorgeous!

See you Friday?

laura said...

i'm loving the buttons! they are super duper cute!

Natalie Lord said...

This is cute! Fab casual cool! I like your scarf :)

Lexie said...

This is cute! Fab casual cool! I like your scarf :)