Supreme Organization

Day Twenty One: H&M top, Talbots pants, Modcloth flats

necklace, gift

I went through all my previous outfits yesterday and tallied how often I have worn each item. I'm trying to wear everything 3 times, just to keep things interesting. It was sunny today, so I was FINALLY able to wear my favorite shoes: these little green guys from Modcloth. Green snakeskin and a hidden one inch heel? Yes, please.

In keeping with my organization and productivity, I am cleaning my room tonight and reorganizing my clothes. When I moved into my apartment I was pretty thrown off by how much less closet space there was. I got really spoiled in college because as an RA I had a double room to myself, ie. two closets. So, when I unpacked up here I just put things where I could fit them. If only I could start swapping winter clothes for summer ones!


Cait said...

I love the shoulder detail and super cute shoes!


Elle said...

i love ya shouldas.

Linda said...

Ooh, I was an RA in college, too...long ago.
I like that you are keeping track of how many times you've been wearing each item to be sure to mix it up. I probably should have done that as I bet I've been reaching for the same things over and over again.

The Auspicious Life

laura said...

oh look at your shoulders! super cute lace details. and i love the pairing with the green shoes! :)