Comfy Cozy Cuddly

Day Nine: F21 sweater, F21 dress, UO boots
the scarf and sweater tights were gifts!
glasses, Oakley
earrings, Charlotte Russe

I really did not want to leave the warmth of my bed this morning. Even my cat was begging me to cuddle with her all day (she can be very persistent) and skip out on work. But I'm a responsible adult, so I got my ass up, drank some coffee, and put on all the coziest things I own.

Despite my best efforts, there was no way I was going to manage contacts today (my eyes were sooo dry this morning). Glasses, meet blog. Blog, this is probably one of the very few times you will encounter Glasses. Glasses is very elusive and prefers to stay in a five foot vicinity of Bed and Desk, venturing out to TV only occasionally.


laura said...

you look adorable in glasses! I started wearing them only a few months ago, even though I've always wanted to wear them (weird I know) :P

Elle said...

Glasses, nice to meet you. i'm your new friend elle. i think i have someone i need to set you up with...they're my glasses. you guys could really hit it off. wanna come to my apartment and i can introduce you guys?

(uhh..come visit me so i can stop making weird come-ons to your glasses on a blogging platform that kind of sound like the intro to a bad porn.)

kimmie said...

My glasses want to meet your glasses too (and Elle's glasses). WHY DO YOU GUYS LIVE SO FARRRRR

AmyW said...

I feel your dry eye pain - I broke my glasses 3 weeks ago and finally ordered new ones Thursday (I was waiting for the new Warby Parker collection) so the day they come my blog will be meeting my glasses too. I'll make sure to introduce them to yours!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit!

Sarah said...

Very cute look. I really like these tights!