Hippo the Crite

Day Five: H&M dress, Kenneth Cole boots

scarf, gift
belt, H&M
tights, Target

I am so ashamed of myself today. I'm going to blame my lack of consistency on the really great, but exhausting weekend I had. 

I've seen dozens of bloggers belt their scarves. And since the beginning, I have always, ALWAYS, hated it. Moreover, I verbally told my friends that I would never dream of doing such a thing.

Earlier, I was washing my hands at work and I thought, "Hey, my scarf is kind of obscuring the view of my belt." And then I peered behind me to make sure no one was around, and I did it. I belted my scarf. Worse yet, I kind of liked it. 

So, this is me apologizing to all you cuties out there who have been doing it for so long. I'm not saying this is a permanent change, but I vow to never bad mouth you again. I mean, no one wants to be a hippo.


kimmie said...


I thought the scarf-belting phenomenon was stupid and ugly for the longest time... (don't worry, I haven't caved in yet) but then I realized it was because most people were doing it wrong! I think it works a lot better with a scarf that has fringes or pattern (like you) and it's not just a solid loop that's belted (gross). I've been trying to recreate Linley's scarf-belting technique but to no avail... once I figure that out, I might be a hippo too.

Marie-Eve said...

Adorable !!!!!

laura said...

I'm gonna have to try this whole belting the scarf thing. I mean, everyone whom I see do it looks cute, but I just don't think i can pull it off... Seems like a practical solution though [to the belt dilemma]. We'll see.

BiblioMOMia said...

Yup. You're cute. Belted scarf and all!

Marie-Eve said...

Adorable !!!!!