It's the Final Countdown!

Day Twenty: F21 sweater, F21 jeans, Unlisted pumps

tank, Victoria's Secret
necklace, F21

I am still exhausted from last week/the weekend. I've been trying to balance working 5 days a week with 3 graduate-level classes AND still have a social life. It is tiring.

Good news is:
Only 10 outfits left!
Only 4 days until Spring Break!

And while my weekend was a little crazy, it was quite excellent. I went back to my hometown Saturday to see friends/family and a litany of good things happened:

1. found out I am getting $600 back from my tax return. HELL YES.
2. had a 3-course dinner date with my brother at my favorite mexican restaurant. We had oysters on the half shell, bacon wrapped shrimp in a honey bbq sauce, chorizo and zucchini flower quesadillas, flan, and sangria. It was all amazingly delicious, but I had a third trimester sized food baby for the next 12 hours.
3.  saw some good friends for the first time in far too long.
4. got a HOUR LONG FULL BODY MASSAGE that was so good I could barely concentrate enough to drive afterwards. I have never felt so zen in my entire life.
5. played with my friend's 9 week old puppy for like, 3 hours straight. His name is Gunner and he is probably one of the most adorable things I have EVER seen
6. I did laundry! Not exactly my favorite activity, but trust me, it really needed to be done. Yay, productivity.
7. THE ACADEMY AWARDS. I could care less about the political aspects or popularity contests, I'm in it for the clothes. Rachel Zoe styled the crap out of Anne Hathaway and she looked absolutely stunning. As did Mila Kunis, but nothing new there. That girl sweats sex appeal.


laura said...

working and grad schooling is a bitch. i hear you. thank goodness i don't actually have to teach this semester. i would die. and LUCKY YOU! your spring break is only 4 days away?!?! I have a whole 2 weeks. :(

i love mochi said...

your outfit is cute here, and good luck with everything! thanks for checking out my blog, i want some green tea mochi right now, hehe