All I Need is a Bear Skin Rug

black lace top, Forever 21; denim shorts, Forever 21; black tights, unknown;
green flats, ModCloth; silver bangle, a gift from India!

I am well aware how absurd that first picture is and I apologize. But, my lack of a real camera is limiting my options and I was at a loss for poses/ways to show the whole outfit since the full body picture doesn't show much detail.

The flats (which have a hidden one inch heel!) helped add some color to an otherwise monochromatic ensemble. They have a snake skin pattern on the heel, which is AWESOME and makes them my favorite Modcloth purchase EVER.

I enjoy the contrast of the lace with the slightly distressed denim. Sums me up fairly well: former ballerina who likes progressive/alternative rock music.

I wore this last night to a concert. And it was not just any concert, it was a GREAT concert. Sadly, that tour poster excludes the other opener, Dredg. They've been around for like fifteen years and are incredibly talented. I may or may not be a little in love with their drummer after last night. What can I say, I have a weak spot for talent.


Coffee Date

I am on a productivity binge today that is UNBELIEVABLE.

So, this is my own version of a remix.
Earlier, I posted an outfit that I wore to run errands and sit in Panera for three hours writing and organizing my life.
Now, I am meeting some friends for coffee and gossip.
I kept the shorts/tights/shoes from before and switched to a top from American Eagle with a scarf I received as a gift.
Also, note the mixture of patterns! Stripes AND paisley in one outfit, I am living so adventurously lately.

Time for a vanilla latte with soy milk. Nom.

Peggy 2010

navy blouse, Forever21; oatmeal cardigan, Old Navy; denim cut offs (that used to be jeans), Forever 21; brown tights, Bass Outlet; navy socks, Bass Outlet; boots, Kenneth Cole

I like to imagine that if Peggy Olson was A. not fictional and B. had to run errands today, she would wear something similar to this, ie. a top with girly details combined with practical styling.

The shorts were jeans about a week ago... but I decided to cut off the legs, rather than repair the tear in the knee. It worked out pretty well actually, now I have dark denim shorts and didn't spend a dime!

I attempted to take ANTM-style pictures this morning to switch it up a bit. Instead of feeling like Tyra's most recent prodigy, it made me feel like I was updating my Myspace again.

For your personal enjoyment:

Also, my dog thinks she is a cat. She insists on sitting on my bed and sticking her head under my curtains, sitting for hours with her nose against the glass, watching the happenings in our neighbor's yard. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

What she lacks in brain cells she makes up for in cuteness. Just check out this gem from last Christmas.


I'm a dork... but I'm okay with it.

Since this is primarily a style blog, here is some style for you:
The gorgeous Emma Watson wearing Rafael Lopez at the London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One and rocking the shit out of her new hair cut.

As I write this, I am jamming to Gwyneth Paltrow's version of Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" (which was made tv appropriate by becoming "Forget You"). Great episode of Glee. I love when she is dresses up as Mary Todd Lincoln hahaha.

The reason behind my hiatus, you ask? Well, on Tuesday and Wednesday I worked the lunch shift and then spent the rest of my day/evening babysitting. Not very exciting.

BUT. Yesterday was a glorious day.

I worked lunch (not glorious) and then traveled to the bestie's house to watch Half-Blood Prince (glorious, we made sangria) before... SEEING PART ONE OF DEATHLY HALLOWS AT MIDNIGHT!

I do not care that this makes me a "total dweeb" (as my horrified 14 year old brother informed me), because it was freaking awesome. HP manages to perfectly balance action, comedy, and drama and make it appropriate for a wide audience. And while I did not really enjoy the first few in the series, the more recent ones have been fantastic.

Points of interest:
  • taking twenty minutes to fit my friend's wheelchair in my coupe
  • leaving her house at 11:40 but still somehow getting to the theatre early? (It is 9 miles away)
  • a man dressed as Lucius Malfoy was too busy smoking his cigarette and drinking his enormous movie theatre soda to help us open the door when we were clearly struggling
  • our movie theatre complex holds 15-20 stadium-style theaters, all of them were showing Harry Potter at midnight
  • everyone screamed when the theatre lights dimmed
  • one girl tried to get a audience-wide clap going when a character did something good, and she failed every time
  • wrestling to collapse the wheelchair in the parking lot, and screaming like a little girl when it finally did (to the bewilderment of the group of girls in the parking space across from us)
  • apparently Dunkin Donuts is open at 3am, how convenient
  • we went to bed at 4am, woke up at noon, aaand went back to sleep until 2pm and that is gross but I am really okay with it
Alas, my Hulu queue is beckoning me. Maybe I will wear something cute this weekend? And take pictures? And post it on the internet? Stay tuned!


8 days!

I have two favorite holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The former has already passed, but the latter is quickly approaching and I CAN'T WAIT.
While I also enjoy Christmas and the 4th of July (anything involving good food and/or fireworks works for me), I am a huge fan of stuffing, cranberry sauce, and corn bread.

So, when I came across this earlier, I was curious, then disgusted, then I was really curious.

Am I crazy? Has my inner fat kid reached critical mass? Has my desire for sweet potato casserole clouded my better judgement? Please, either tell me I'm gross or come bake it with me next week.


All Ruffled Up

navy silk tunic, H&M; brown tights, Bass Outlet; navy socks, Bass Outlet; boots, Kenneth Cole Reaction; pearl earrings, no idea... I bought them yearsss ago

My H&M obsession continues... This little number served me quite well during dinner and drinks with two of my best friends. I say little because it is literally juuust long enough to wear as a dress. One inch shorter and everyone at Cafe Maya would have gotten a free show. Damn my long torso.

The main reason I love this dress: it came with that camel skinny belt.
The main reason I love H&M: this dress, with the belt, only cost me $30. Awesome.

Note my purse laying on the floor. It's from Urban Outfitters. I love it.



I worked Friday night, but met up with some of my favorites afterwards for drinks.
Sadly, I didn't have time to take self-indulgent pictures of how cute I looked beforehand. So here is one taken by my friend (cropped, to protect the identities of the innocent):

patterned tank, H&M; black shorts with satin detailing, Charlotte Russe; black tights, Bass Outlet; black suede pumps, UO; black blazer, H&M; and a randomly squinting right eye, lovely.

I really wish I had a full-length picture. This was kind of a typical outfit for me: lots of black with a tiny bit of color. Again, I am wearing a ton of amazing things from H&M.
The pattern on that tank is FANTASTIC. It's really different from anything else I own.
I bought all of these things this summer. We are still in a blissful honeymoon stage together and throughly enjoy spending as much time as possible together.
The pumps I wore are divine. Kendi has them in red. They have just high enough of a heel to make your legs look fantastic without killing your feet.

Side note: never order a Purple Cosmo. Because apparently, purple inherently means grape. Thus resulting in a martini that tastes like cough syrup. Good thing some of my friends are weird and enjoy the taste of Dimetapp. I passed it off and opted for a good ole fashioned Cosmopolitan after that.

On Your Mark, Get Set...

This post (and the next one) is a bit of a race to catch up with myself. I've been preoccupied with other things and have failed to post daily, so, my deepest apologies.


teal t-shirt dress, H&M; grey boyfriend cardigan, H&M; grey heathered tights, Bass Outlet; grey socks, Bass Outlet; whiskey boots, Reaction by Kenneth Cole; scarf, gift (from the Gobi Desert!)

I wore this to run errands and organize my boss' bank statements. I somehow have gained the title of Waitress Who Occasionally Acts As Personal Assistant. But honestly, I don't mind. While it doesn't pay as well as opening wine and carrying large bowls of pasta, it does feed my desire to organize things.

I love love loveeee how comfortable/warm this cardigan is. H&M has become a go-to for me since graduation. I have found several affordable wardrobe staples there in the past few months, this dress also being one of them. It's cotton, so it's perfect for any season. J'adore.



In addition to shoes and baked goods, I have a deep affection for baby animals.

Hell, who am I kidding, I love all animals. Anything fluffy gets me into a euphoric state that renders me incapable of normal human speech. I become reduced to a series of coos and ohmygawds and sometimes even twitch uncontrollably.

Anyway. Here is a link to a collection of photographs that had me laughing out loud and wishing my cat wasn't such a snooty little priss.



Today is not a cute day.

I woke up at 10, and then my puppy jumped in bed with me to cuddle and I fell back asleep until 11. Oops.
I plan on wearing sweatpants until 3:45 when I have to put on work clothes (black button-up, black pants, black sneakers... yawn).

The to-do list for today is my own variation of GTL.

G et my room and closet organized.
T ake a long, hot shower.
L aundry. Lots of it.

All of these things can be completed in the unfashionable outfit I have on. So, thanks Nick, for letting me steal your sweatpants. As Elle has already pointed out today, they are the most comfortable thing ever made.


Better Late Than Never

Nearly an hour after the day has ended: an outfit post!

red tank, Abercrombie & Fitch; beige v-neck/long-sleeve, Hollister; skinny jeans, American Eagle; whiskey boots, Kenneth Cole Reaction, brown houndstooth blazer, American Eagle, bronze hoop earrings, Forever 21

I spent the day eating elk meat chili/drooling over the shoes on Le Blog de Betty/drinking coffee with my bestie who is nursing a broken leg. She has been quite the trooper, and while I know she would rather be off traveling the world, I'm glad I have her home and to myself!

This outfit contains both my favorite pair of jeans AND my newest boot obsession. Piperlime, you are a godsend (free shipping? and returns? um, yes please).

The blazer is one of those things I've had in my closet for yearsss, but can count on my hand the number of times I've worn it. I like it: the pattern is super cute (the inside is lined with red and navy striped silk!) and it's wool, so it actually keeps me warm. Really, the only reason I don't wear it more often is that I am a creature of habit. I become obsessed with one item, and wear it constantly, forgetting about all the other jackets/boots/necklaces I own. But, now that I am a Blogger, I have to forgo such tendencies. I also wear a lot of black... but that habit is going to be far more difficult to break.


Moose Boots!

red rain boots with moose pattern, L.L. Bean; blue knee-high socks, Bass Outlet; heather grey tights, Bass Outlet; high-waisted shorts, Forever 21; patterned blouse, Forever 21; red and cream raindrop earrings, American Eagle.

It's a balmy 41 degrees here in New York, so I had to throw a cardigan over this, in addition to my jacket. The only good thing about a rainy day is being able to wear these adorable Wellies.

Sorry for the low-quality, I'm stuck using my webcam because my camera passed away last week. She had a good run, but I think the combination of frat parties, beach outings, and that fall down a flight of stairs caught up with her.


Lazy Sunday

It's been a long week, so I slept in a littleee late today (coughnooncough) and then went out to lunch with my brother, Nick, and my dad, aka One Take Mike.

Nick ordered a five egg Western omelet. And asked them to add chili on top. And a side of toast. I suppose that is a luxury that accompanies actually going to the gym every day.

I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich because I haven't been inside a fitness center since July.

On to the clothes:

skinny jeans, American Eagle
navy tank top, Abercrombie & Fitch
grey cardigan, H&M
bright blue scarf, gift (it's from Prague!)
grey studded flats, American Eagle

Don't worry, soon there will be pictures to accompany the outfit descriptions! But alas, I was lazy today.

Instead, drool over these super adorable pumps I just received in the mail from Urban Outfitters.

Fashionably late, as usual.

Ah, yes. My triumphant return to the blogging world.

My first endeavor, a celebrity gossip blog, lasted for a measly two months before I abandoned it in favor of homework and binge drinking.

But, with the encouragement of a few friends, and some spare time on my hands, I have decided to jump back on the bandwagon. And, I plan on actually sticking around this time.

Quick summation of my current state of affairs, for those of you out of the loop:
After receiving my bachelor's in May, I came home to find a Real Job, but ended up as a waitress and part-time public relations writer. In an effort to stave off depression, I have been slowly (but surely!) revamping my wardrobe and working on my culinary prowess.

With any luck, this blog will help keep me on the straight and narrow path to Cute Outfits and Yummy Food.