15 Things.

Since my classes are all cancelled today AND tomorrow because of the Snowpocalypse in the Northeast, I have a bizarre amount of free time.  And, since I finished all my homework this afternoon, I am allowing myself to take a break and do the 15 Things post that Jen tagged me in!

1. My eyes change from blue to green depending on what color of clothing/makeup I have on.
2. I am completed addicted to Apple products... I'm pretty sure my life would have a gaping hole of despair in it if I no longer owned my Macbook and iPods.
3. Yeah, I have two iPods. One for the gym (shuffle) and one for the car.
4. I can watch HGTV and the Travel Channel for HOURS and not lose interest.
5. Being a housewife sounds oddly appealing to me, something the Lexie of years past would never say.
6. I really enjoy cooking and baking. My roomie likes to refer to me as "wife," probably because I like having dinner ready when she gets home.
7. If I had endless amounts of money, I would spend the majority of it on shoes and Ikea.
8. I love getting dressed up.
9. I think going out to dinner is the best thing you can do as a treat to yourself.
10. I am a huuuuge fan of asian food. I could eat sushi everyday and never get bored.
11. When I'm really stressed out, I clean/organize.
12. Poor grammar hurts my heart.
13. My younger brother is one of my best friends.
14. I can't imagine life without my best friends.
15. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be my singing voice. I have all the desire, and none of the talent!

So, there you go. 15 little tidbits about yours truly!

We're having a wine night later in honor of the snow storm, so my first 30for30 post is forthcoming!


Taj Acosta said...

Loved reading this! Good luck on the 30for30 too! xo

Elle said...

WHERE IS THE FIRST OUTFITTTT? rarrrrr i am the remix monster.

i've also had a lot of coffee. can you tell?

Taj Acosta said...

Loved reading this! Good luck on the 30for30 too! xo