le secret

Oh, heeeeyyyyy guys.

My deepest apologies for more or less abandoning you, my few but faithful readers. Life has been a wee bit crazy lately for me, and honestly I have just not had the time to update. The good news is that this craziness will lead to much more interesting posts in the future! For example, I finally registered for graduate classes, so the pursuit of my MA has begun. Woohoo! With that came the endless paperwork associated with financial aid (I was offered OVER TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS for JUST the spring semester, and as tempting as it was, I only accepted what I needed. Look at that responsibility!) and the realization that I should probably find a place to live in my new city. Cross your fingers, guys, because I am 99.9% sure I found not only the perfect abode, but the perfect roommate. Divine intervention for sure, considering I only spent one day on the prowl for an apartment.
And if that wasn't enough (in combination with working full time), I am also leaving to visit my mom and little brother in LAS VEGAS on Monday. The vacation aspect of it is very much needed, but I am atrocious at packing, so choosing a week's worth of clothing without a hour by hour itinerary is a daunting task that I have been more or less completely avoiding.

Phew, okay, on to the real reason for this post: Elle, style blogger and fluent speaker of LOLcatz. This lovely little imp tagged me in a ~seven secrets~ post, isn't she a doll? However, I don't think I have seven secrets (that time I murdered someone for a pair of pumps isn't a story intended for the internet), so I'm only doing five.

1. My "safety school" ended up being my first choice.
I'm sure most of you remember those stressful weeks during senior year of high school. Everyone running around in a sweaty panic, analyzing the thickness of envelopes and crunching acceptance statistics. I was the one in the corner laughing at all you crazies. See, when it came to applying, my parents requested (coughdemandedcough) that I only apply to state schools. Understandable, considering they had three college degrees to fund. So, I applied to a school I knew I would have no problem getting into, a school that I could probably get into, and a school that I would get into only if they really needed more redheads. Apparently there was a shortage in hair diversity, because I was accepted to every school I applied to. The "safety school" accepted me on just the Part 1 of my application, no essay or anything. So, while the rest of you were rocking back in forth in a corner praying for success, I was completely relaxed, aware that worst case scenario, I was still going away to a four-year college. To cut this long story short, I didn't actually visit the schools I applied to until after I was accepted; it seemed cruel to me that people would fall in love with campuses/programs that they had a 50/50 chance of actually attending. I visited my top choice first, it was in a major city and had a good reputation. The campus however looked like a prison and no matter how hard I tried I could not envision myself in a maze of concrete for four years. So, I visited the underdog, and she was just beautiful. Brick buildings, marble columns, sprawling campus, friendly and fun atmosphere, six dining areas... it was perfect.

2. The first thing I thought of when I heard the word "secret" was an episode of America's Next Top Model.
This one I'm actually a little ashamed of.
While I can't stand Tyra Banks, ANTM has been a reality tv competition guilty pleasure for me since the beginning. I find this side of fashion to be fascinating: the photo shoots, the runway shows, the hotness of Nigel Barker...
In one episode, the girls are in France shooting a commercial for Secret deodorant. Hilarity ensues as these simple American girls stumble through the cue cards. This was the cycle with the red head twins, and all I heard in my head while reading Elle's post was one of them saying "SEA KRHETT" while attempting to make sexy eye contact with the camera.

3. I love prog rock, and I dabble in metal.
This one tends to surprise most people. While I may seem like a sugary sweet pop lover, I actually love rock the most. Specifically progressive and alternative, with an occasional dash of metal, indie, and punk (a lot of it depends on my mood). Favorite bands include: Coheed and Cambria, A Day to Remember, Porcupine Tree, Dredg, Anberlin, and Taking Back Sunday. While my iTunes is full of hundreds more, these are the top contenders. Check them out!

4. I'm lactose intolerant.
But, I tend to ignore it. It's a cruel joke really, my mouth loves all the things my stomach can't digest. I love Mexican food (hello, cheese) and Italian food (what's up, heavy cream) and I think ice cream was created by God to make our simple species at peace with the world. Usually I just pretend that I won't get a stomach ache afterwards, but now that I am a real, live Adult I have opted to invest in fast-acting pills full of lactase. Adios, gross bloating!

5. I am classically trained in ballet.
I'm three years old, and it is my first day at preschool. As I walk through the double doors, I spot a kitchen set across the room. It had argyle aprons, a full set of pots and pans, and enough plastic food to feed hundreds of American Girl dolls. I needed it. So, I let go of my mother's hand and dash across the room. In my attempt to dodge the children assembling a puzzle, I veer to the right, underestimating my lack of core strength and forgetting how slippery the bottom of my patent leather Mary Janes are, I fall. This happened to me a lot. According to my mother, from the time I had figured out how to jog, I was a master of tripping.
So, as any responsible parent would do, she sent me to ballet class. I ended up really liking it, and after eleven years of training, I auditioned for the Dutchess Ballet Company and was accepted! I was a member of the company for three years, which was an amazing experience. We performed annually at a historic opera house and did charity work with local organizations. I stopped taking classes while in college (I took a couple classes the summer after freshman year, and I was able to take a class my senior year for credit, but that is not even close to the level of commitment I had in high school). While I'm no where near the shape I used to be in, I would really love to take it up again.

So, there ya go. And now you know! (Check out those rhyming skillz, clearly I minored in Professional Writing)

While I would loveee to pass this on to a litany of other bloggers, I only have one follower (Hi, Elle!) and the majority of blogs that I read have already been tagged. Therefore, I am tagging my friends Alex and Jade. Neither of them are style bloggers, but they are both interesting and humorous, so I love them. Hopefully they will use this as motivation to post more frequently!