F21 cardigan, Modcloth dress, Bass Outlet tights and socks, UO boots
This Modcloth dress is one of my favorite pieces of clothing. It is so incredibly versatile, not to mention comfortable. Today, it gave an otherwise dreary palette a bunch of springtime color. Hooray!

I got a ton of inspiration today from this lookbook on the Loft website. Looking through it gave me some great ideas to help ease into the wardrobe transition from winter to spring to summer!

Speaking of new developments, I joined bloglovin'! The format there is so efficient and user-friendly, set up an account if you haven't already!
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laura said...

Oh man, I love the pattern on the skirt of that dress!!! And definitely wearable for all seasons!

hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights

Sorren said...

Oh my goodness I heart this dress so much - it's neutral but also spring-like. The whole outfit is so perfect for this weather right now.

Jen HaHA said...

Very springy skirt and the gray top helps transition out from winter. It's like stepping into spring with one foot leaving winter. Something like that. I still haven't purchased anything from ModCloth. I've fallen in love with lots of items but haven't taken the plunge. Someday.