Not-So-Blue Skies

Express tunic, NY & Co. jeggings, H&M belt, Kenneth Cole boots

Today (and the rest of the week) might be rainy and gray, but my weekend was far from dull or dreary.

Friday night we had Family Dinner, a new weekly tradition that started last week when I made 3lbs of homemade macaroni and cheese. We did it potluck style and ate like kings, but drank like peasants (I can't wait until 4 Loko is off the mini mart shelves forever). My favorite dish was baked brie with apricot marmalade and pecans. I could seriously eat that every day.
the beginnings of Peter's Pasta Puttanesca
Then on Saturday I went to my friend's senior recital and laid outside enjoying the sunshine before going downtown to see Eatliz and Consider the Source. Which was, amazing. I danced for at least 3 hours straight to some of the best live music I have ever heard. Lee Triffon is the baddest biatch on the block - anyone who performs in Jeffrey Cambell shoes gets an A+ in my book. And John Ferrara is the most humble and friendly musician ever (not to mention adorable and a killer bassist). 


Lydia Marie said...

Blue is seriously your color. And all that food sounds delicious, me and about 4 other friends started doing 'family dinners' once a week where we take turns cooking. It's definitely a step up from the ramen and mcdonald's I eat for every other meal.

Shopping and Spreadsheets

Elle said...


maybe more like three.

when are you getting there?

um, blog related: you look super gorg in that blue. come over and eat asparagus pasta with me and bonk.