Spring? Is that you?!

Old Navy top, H&M cardigan, Talbots trousers, Modcloth flats

Tomorrow is FINALLY Friday, thank God. I feel like this week crawled by, despite the crazy amount of work/other responsibilities I had the past four or five days. 

Bloggy bun days make me (almost) wish I had bangs again. I did them for a while (got bored one night sophomore year and cut them myself lol) but they ended up being really high-maintenance so I grew them out. I feel like they were helpful in adding some color to my otherwise really pale face.

It was fantastically sunny and warm today, which makes me unreasonably happy. Probably because I can drive home from work with my music really loud and my windows down. It's the little things.



A lot of days I wish I didn't have bangs b/c they can be super tricksy sometimes. But I don't have a normal forehead like you do, so I'm stuck ;) This dark teal does look great on you!

Elle said...

haiiiii. i'm sitting here with bonk. your face is cute. i'm poor. i want to go to h&m. we just got one in our mall. let's go shopping.

hah. this just happened.

bonk: (points) that looks like lexie.
me: that's because it IS lexie.
bonk: oh. (pauses) yeah that would explain it.

laura said...

Oh Lexie get bangs! They look super cute on you! I've had bangs for years now, but I am getting bored of them (it's been 8 years now) and I wanna get them longer. Watch me cut them short again though. hahaha
hearts, laura♥
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