Party on, Zombie Jesus!

*Warning: This is a photo heavy post. Beware!*

This weekend was jam-packed with food, friends, and fun. And while all that excitement (and lack of sleep) made getting up this morning extremely difficult, it was totally worth it.

Friday night was family dinner, as per usual, and we did a Mediterranean theme again.  This great decision yielded chicken bolognese, hummus, and hearty Italian bread with herb-infused olive oil. I made a grilled veggie phyllo pie with feta, eggplant, yellow squash, zucchini, and red onion.  The roomie made this cracked-out, Easter-inspired monkey bread that combined Peeps and buttermilk biscuits. It was intoxicating.

Still sleep deprived from a week of papers and stressful work situations, I threw some clothes in a bag and left Saturday morning for the much anticipated NYC reunion. Because I was running 3 hours late (oops), I had to drive straight from my apartment upstate to the train station in my hometown, and made the train with mere seconds to spare. But, luckily I made it in time to check out the Topshop in Soho with Elle, my best friend from home, and one of our college friends (A). I was too out of it to appreciate the sheer retail extravagance of this place, so I'll definitely have to go back.

Then we met up with another college buddy, wandered about, and got seriously delicious cupcakes.
Butter Pecan Cupcake
Our appetites sparked from the intense sugary goodness, we headed to a Mexican tapas restaurant for drinks and food. Everything was incredibly yummy.
Chips, salsa and lobster guacamole
Pork-stuffed plantains, braised beef on a corn cake, and meatballs
Mango tiramisu
Finally satisfied, we hung out at a little hookah bar for a bit, gossiping over a pitcher of white sangria, before meeting up with an old friend from high school at a fantastic dive bar that served coffee shop drinks along with a great selection of beer.
CakeShop, East Village, NYC
Exhausted from all the socialization, we had one last obligation to fulfill: street meat. So we headed towards Astor Place and got what was HANDS DOWN the best lamb gyro I have EVER had. I even got a free bottle of water because, according to the owner of the street cart, I am white like tzatziki sauce.

The next morning, Elle, college friend A, and I got ourselves together and had breakfast at the Polish diner near A's apartment. Nothing makes me happier than a Mediterranean omelet with challah toast, a giant iced coffee, and two really great friends.
Elle, keeping up on the latest backpack trends
Because we're terrible bloggers, Elle and I were too distracted by external factors (like, where to eat next) to take outfit pictures. So, we posed for these gems on Easter morning:
weee! friends!
This is what we're like 90% of the time.
I was lazy and didn't shower (attractive, I know) before heading home, so I disguised my not-so-clean hair with an LC-style braid to spare those taking the train with me from seeing the horrors that lay beneath my side part and messy bun.
makeshift headband to hide my greasy roots
After a much needed shower, and a wild dash to gather all my spring/summer clothing to bring back upstate, I went out for an early dinner with my Dad and brother.
Homemade pasta with rabbit, asparagus, and brussel sprouts
Yes, I ate rabbit on Easter. Yes, that probably makes me a terrible person. But I don't care, it was delicious.
Grilled salmon with artichoke sauce over potatoes and asparagus
We also got macadamia-nut tempura calamari with a pineapple dipping sauce, hanger steak with bleu cheese mashed potatoes and spinach, apple-pecan pie, and chocolate lava cake, but the wolves ate all of it before pictures could be taken.
Nicky Bro-bro and I!
I hope all of you got to have as much fun and food as I did this weekend!!


Bekah: Matters of Merrymaking said...

Please tell me your whole family is red-headed, because that would make me so happy! I have a red head sister, so jealous!

Also, photoshop me in to Easter morning pics! Y'all look precious! Glad you guys had a good time! :)

Lexie said...

Please tell me your whole family is red-headed, because that would make me so happy! I have a red head sister, so jealous!

Also, photoshop me in to Easter morning pics! Y'all look precious! Glad you guys had a good time! :)

Lexie said...

Haha, nope. The only gingers are my mom, my brother and I. My dad and my youngest brother have dark hair and skin, the lucky ducks.

Joy_Etc said...

MY BACKPACK IS SO EMBARRASSING. gross. but you are not gross. you are pretty and i love you. also, you are white like tzatziki, whereas i am colombian. hah.

Rachel B-S. said...

I love how pretty much every other sentence is regarding food .. that mixed with some sangria sounds like the best weekend ever! -Rachel from Distinct.Style

Lydia Marie said...

Sounds like you had a blast this weekend! And I want to know where I can get such a stylish backpack.

Sorren Isler said...

Your weekend looked so amazing and delicious... jealoussss I feel like I need to try mango tiramisu

laura said...

so, Lexie, as I'm looking at your food pics, I finally realize that I've been going on 4 hours of sleep and one meal at 1:30 this afternoon. That cupcake and the guac are calling my name!

Ruparee said...

all the food looks lush i need some of that mango tiramisu, hope you can find time to check my blog out.