Peggy 2010

navy blouse, Forever21; oatmeal cardigan, Old Navy; denim cut offs (that used to be jeans), Forever 21; brown tights, Bass Outlet; navy socks, Bass Outlet; boots, Kenneth Cole

I like to imagine that if Peggy Olson was A. not fictional and B. had to run errands today, she would wear something similar to this, ie. a top with girly details combined with practical styling.

The shorts were jeans about a week ago... but I decided to cut off the legs, rather than repair the tear in the knee. It worked out pretty well actually, now I have dark denim shorts and didn't spend a dime!

I attempted to take ANTM-style pictures this morning to switch it up a bit. Instead of feeling like Tyra's most recent prodigy, it made me feel like I was updating my Myspace again.

For your personal enjoyment:

Also, my dog thinks she is a cat. She insists on sitting on my bed and sticking her head under my curtains, sitting for hours with her nose against the glass, watching the happenings in our neighbor's yard. Ah, the simple pleasures in life.

What she lacks in brain cells she makes up for in cuteness. Just check out this gem from last Christmas.