Lazy Sunday

It's been a long week, so I slept in a littleee late today (coughnooncough) and then went out to lunch with my brother, Nick, and my dad, aka One Take Mike.

Nick ordered a five egg Western omelet. And asked them to add chili on top. And a side of toast. I suppose that is a luxury that accompanies actually going to the gym every day.

I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich because I haven't been inside a fitness center since July.

On to the clothes:

skinny jeans, American Eagle
navy tank top, Abercrombie & Fitch
grey cardigan, H&M
bright blue scarf, gift (it's from Prague!)
grey studded flats, American Eagle

Don't worry, soon there will be pictures to accompany the outfit descriptions! But alas, I was lazy today.

Instead, drool over these super adorable pumps I just received in the mail from Urban Outfitters.