I worked Friday night, but met up with some of my favorites afterwards for drinks.
Sadly, I didn't have time to take self-indulgent pictures of how cute I looked beforehand. So here is one taken by my friend (cropped, to protect the identities of the innocent):

patterned tank, H&M; black shorts with satin detailing, Charlotte Russe; black tights, Bass Outlet; black suede pumps, UO; black blazer, H&M; and a randomly squinting right eye, lovely.

I really wish I had a full-length picture. This was kind of a typical outfit for me: lots of black with a tiny bit of color. Again, I am wearing a ton of amazing things from H&M.
The pattern on that tank is FANTASTIC. It's really different from anything else I own.
I bought all of these things this summer. We are still in a blissful honeymoon stage together and throughly enjoy spending as much time as possible together.
The pumps I wore are divine. Kendi has them in red. They have just high enough of a heel to make your legs look fantastic without killing your feet.

Side note: never order a Purple Cosmo. Because apparently, purple inherently means grape. Thus resulting in a martini that tastes like cough syrup. Good thing some of my friends are weird and enjoy the taste of Dimetapp. I passed it off and opted for a good ole fashioned Cosmopolitan after that.


Elle said...

i hate that you have cute shoes and i can't have any until december.

oh also, im heading your way tomorrow. heads up.