I'm a dork... but I'm okay with it.

Since this is primarily a style blog, here is some style for you:
The gorgeous Emma Watson wearing Rafael Lopez at the London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One and rocking the shit out of her new hair cut.

As I write this, I am jamming to Gwyneth Paltrow's version of Cee Lo Green's "Fuck You" (which was made tv appropriate by becoming "Forget You"). Great episode of Glee. I love when she is dresses up as Mary Todd Lincoln hahaha.

The reason behind my hiatus, you ask? Well, on Tuesday and Wednesday I worked the lunch shift and then spent the rest of my day/evening babysitting. Not very exciting.

BUT. Yesterday was a glorious day.

I worked lunch (not glorious) and then traveled to the bestie's house to watch Half-Blood Prince (glorious, we made sangria) before... SEEING PART ONE OF DEATHLY HALLOWS AT MIDNIGHT!

I do not care that this makes me a "total dweeb" (as my horrified 14 year old brother informed me), because it was freaking awesome. HP manages to perfectly balance action, comedy, and drama and make it appropriate for a wide audience. And while I did not really enjoy the first few in the series, the more recent ones have been fantastic.

Points of interest:
  • taking twenty minutes to fit my friend's wheelchair in my coupe
  • leaving her house at 11:40 but still somehow getting to the theatre early? (It is 9 miles away)
  • a man dressed as Lucius Malfoy was too busy smoking his cigarette and drinking his enormous movie theatre soda to help us open the door when we were clearly struggling
  • our movie theatre complex holds 15-20 stadium-style theaters, all of them were showing Harry Potter at midnight
  • everyone screamed when the theatre lights dimmed
  • one girl tried to get a audience-wide clap going when a character did something good, and she failed every time
  • wrestling to collapse the wheelchair in the parking lot, and screaming like a little girl when it finally did (to the bewilderment of the group of girls in the parking space across from us)
  • apparently Dunkin Donuts is open at 3am, how convenient
  • we went to bed at 4am, woke up at noon, aaand went back to sleep until 2pm and that is gross but I am really okay with it
Alas, my Hulu queue is beckoning me. Maybe I will wear something cute this weekend? And take pictures? And post it on the internet? Stay tuned!