Day Four: Girls Night Out

dress, H&M; blazer, H&M; shoes, Urban Outfitters; necklace, borrowed from Mom

Yesterday, I made french toast for breakfast (topped with bananas and raspberries. nom.) and then laid around the house all day reading Hyperbole and a Half, which is probably the funniest blog I have ever read.

But, there was a purpose behind my laziness! I was resting up for Ladies Night with my aunt and cousin, both seasoned Las Vegas party girls. Mom and I met them at Brio, a swanky Tuscan bar and grill, where we shared carpaccio (paired with a Flirtini (Prosecco, Absolut Raspberri, cranberry juice, pineapple juice, and Citronge)) and lobster ravioli (paired with a glass of Malbec). DELICIOUS.

Then we moved on to Blue Martini. There was a live band playing salsa and jazz. I enviously watched a woman dance with her husband, and boyyyy could he work it. This scene was punctuated with a Caipirinha (the national cocktail of Brazil) and my mom rehashing how my dad used to get drunk and pretend to play Great Balls of Fire using the bar as a piano.

Our last stop was Cadillac Ranch. Even though it was walking distance from Blue Martini, you could not imagine a bigger contrast. This place had a mechanical bull. (No, I didn't ride it. But, I have tried in the past, and that shit is difficult.) My cousin ordered me a Colorado Bulldog, which tastes like a chocolate milkshake but is actually a mixture of Kahlua, Coke, and milk.

Overall, it was a great night. I had never met my cousin before, so it was really nice to spend some time with her. And my aunt is always a blast (she is so Las Vegas, I can't imagine her living anywhere else) so it was fantastic to see her.