Loose Ends

This post is going to be a little sporadic, so bear with me.

Part One: Fettucine Alfredo, the ultimate comfort food.

I used Giada's recipe as a reference (less lemon juice, no lemon zest, add green peas, sprinkle parsley) and it turned out pretty delicious. Dad and Nick devoured it, which is a pretty high compliment considering how critical Nick can be of my cooking ("You're a woman! You're supposed to be like Martha Stewart! You belong in the kitchen, you have to make only delicious things!).

Part Two: The Crazy Things You Do When You Become a Blogger

I went Christmas shopping in Connecticut (yay, no sales tax!) yesterday and finally got all of my gifts squared away. As a congratulatory measure, I took some time to do a little light shopping (there were some amazing sales going on, I can't pass that up) and found myself taking outfit pictures in the dressing room. I don't know how this happened, and I apologize to the general public.

dress, Modcloth; cardigan, Old Navy; scarf, American Apparel; boots, Kenneth Cole

This dress is so comfortable and so cute. I've worn it countless times, overall a great purchase. Thanks, Modcloth!

To make up for my social faux pas, I bought a top at H&M for $5 that I have been eyeing for two months and a really comfy pair of jeggings (with pockets!) at NY&Co. for $13. Success!

Part Three: Out-take

This is my Mary-Kate Olsen impression, it is inspired by this: Very Mary-Kate

Okay, now I seriouslyyyyy need to start packing and doing laundry. I have a job interview tomorrow and I am signing the lease for my apartment/hunting for furniture! But I have SO MUCH to do before then, gah!


Elle said...

HAH very mary kate. love it.

also, i think i need to buy more things from modcloth. right now i only have the Boots and one necklace. that dress is pretty awesome.

kimmie said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that modcloth dress. :)

and lol at the mary kate pose. I think you nailed it! hahah

Meredith said...

oh yeah, that's her all right. maybe a bigger purse though, on your lips and in your hand;)haha! i adore that floral dress! awesome:)

Ayanna Michelle said...

I really like that first look! So cute.

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