Suitcase Challenge, Vegas Edition: Day One

Hola from sunny Las Vegas!
While the actual flight out here was uneventful, I was kind of a hot mess the entire time (clearly waking up at 5:30am doesn't work well for me). I managed to lose my sunglasses, then find them, lose my boarding pass, then find it on the floor in the bathroom, spill tea on myself, lose my actual glasses, then find them. But the plane was on time and didn't crash, so overall I deem it a success.

View of Nevada from 700 feet above land

This is my mom's dog, PD. He's named after a character, Pocket Dog, in a book Griffin (my brother) read. He likes to snuggle.

For the flight I wore: Charlotte Russe ivory flower stud earrings, Old Navy navy tank, H&M grey cardigan, AE jeggings, and my Kenneth Cole whiskey boots.
In addition to acting like a hot mess, I looked like one too by the time I arrived at LAS. So, excuse the lack of full body picture, this was about as much posing as I could handle.

After dropping off my bags at the house, we went for sushi. GREAT decision. I honestly think I could eat sushi every day for the rest of my life. The frosted mug filled with Sapporo and iced green tea were a perfect addition.

Our plates from Yummy Sushi.
The first one (with eel, cream cheese, avocado, tuna and a bunch of other delicious things) is called "That's What She Say" roll, so I obviously had to order it. The second is a Rock N Roll, filled with salmon, tuna, and sprouts and wrapped in cucumber. Nom.

Then they took me on a little drive around town to see Griffin's high school and some tourist spots. He goes to a Career and Technical Academy that seriously looks like a college campus from the movies. Jealous.

The gates in front of Siegfried and Roy's mansion. One time a lion escaped from their house and Griffin's school, which is a block away, was put on lock down.

It's 30 degrees and snowing at home. Here it's 65 and sunny. Win.