So, in case you don't watch the news, downstate NY was hit by a blizzard yesterday. No joke. It started with flurries around one and turned into a full-blown storm by dinnertime. My town got a good twenty inches by the end of it. My poor dad works in New Jersey... it took him four hours to drive to work, they got THIRTY inches where his office is. I don't care where you're from, that is a lot of snow in one night.
Luckily, the roads were fine by this afternoon (minus the blustering wind), so my friend and I went to the mall (bought a cute winter top from AT Loft! yay post-xmas sales.) and then got sushi. Such a good choice.

my driveway around 8pm.

roof comparison: above is approx. 8pm
below is approx. 1am

My brother's car this morning. Buried.

Sushi and EEL. nom.