Packity Packpack

Tomorrow, I leave for Vegas. My mom and youngest brother live there, and I am visiting them for the next six days. Sounds great right? 60 degree weather, delicious homemade food, great nightlife, quality brobro time, the list goes on.
One problem: I am AWFUL at packing. In a mere 8 hours my flight leaves JFK and I have yet to put anything inside of my suitcase. Instead, I have a giant pile of items on my bed.

Clearly, Ginger is very helpful.

And in case my lack of planning wasn't a big enough obstacle, I decided that since I have been slacking on the outfit posts I should bring only items that haven't been posted here. So here is my promise to you, dear readers: I will post every day for the next six days.

In my opinion, living out of a suitcase is like a mini 30-for-30. This should be good practice for when I do Kendi's next challenge.

green flats, brown boots, black heels
grey cardigan, black blazer, black jacket
denim/black shorts
lace/black/plum t-shirt
navy/white/grey tank
blue sweater
flannel shirt
purple/black/floral dress
(and a variety of tights/scarves/socks/jewelry)

Yes, I realize that this list provides me with at least 7 different outfits. And yes, I will only be there for 6 days. But! I have no idea what the itinerary looks like, and knowing my family, there will be daytime and nighttime activities, which means I need more than one outfit per day and/or outfits that can be transformed. And, I like having options!

I'm floundering. But it's fine. This is a learning process, right?
This is my 20 for 6. What up.


Elle said...

gingieee i hope you have so much fun! also i am excited to see all your outfits! ettapookums says hi to gingerpuppy. i think they should be best friends. the end.

Caitlin said...

hahah the look on ginger's face. she is either wallowing because she could tell you were leaving her, or she's just thinking that your packing is doomed.

Gingie said...

I love that instead of just curling up on the rug under my desk chair, like she normally does, she jumped on top of the clothes I had meticulously laid out. Almost as though she was mocking me...