Winter Wonderland

sweater, F21; jeans, hand-me-down from Mom; scarf, gift; shoes, F21; owl necklace, F21; coat, Brooks Brothers

Photographs are courtesy of my bff Caitlin, who trudged out in the snow with me. I can only imagine what people driving by were thinking... the pair of us having a photo shoot on a children's playground in 20 degree weather, one of us in 4 inch heels, and the other on crutches. Hilarity.

These are the infamous shoes I bought in Vegas last week. They are awesome. And surprisingly comfortable. We went out to lunch and saw Love and Other Drugs, so I figured that was as good a time as any to break them in.

Also, Jake Gyllenhaal is GORGEOUS. I'm not usually one for romcoms, but Love and Other Drugs was funny/cute/touching. The 90's outfits they had Anne Hathaway in were FAB.


Elle said...

i LOVE those shoes.

also, i want everything anne hathaway wore in that movie. truth. except maybe the red cord overalls.

kimmie said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you're wearing those heels in the snow. BUT I LOVE THEM. :)