Day Two: Cena de la Familia

top, unknown; shorts, Forever 21; tights, Bass Outlet; shoes, Modcloth; necklace, Forever 21

Griffin, my youngest brother, took these for me. He kept asking me why I pose so oddly: "Can't you just smile? You look weird." How supportive.

Check out that cheesy last picture. It totally says, "Venido a mi casa!"

When reviewing the pictures, I instantly took my hair down. I always attempt to "style" my hair for occasions, but it never seems to work out.

I wore this last night to family dinner with Hiram's (my stepdad) mom and brother. They were both very sweet and his mom made sopes which were DELICIOUS. I am eating everything in sight here, this could end badly.


Elle said...

j'adoreeeee. i love the shorts and tights. gray tights=perfect. also, i don't blame you for attempting to style your hair prior to doing photo shoots. your hair is kind of like its own person. it has whims and such. that made no sense. but you know what i mean?

Gingie said...

I know exactly what you mean. It has its own distinct personality and does whatever the fuck it wants.