Ice Queen

cardigan, Gap
jeans, NY & Co.
boots, Airwalk

Today was supposed to be my first day of grad classes. But, there is currently an ice storm raging outside, so everything got cancelled. Except work, because hospitals always need to be staffed. It took me FORTY FIVE minutes to make the 15 minute trip home from the office. Apparently, there are no plows. Sup, 10 billion dollar budget deficit.

In other news, Kendi announced the next 30-for-30 today! And I signed up! The tentative start date is February 1st, and I am actually really excited. I think this will be a great opportunity to get to know my work wardrobe and make this blog a little more personable and analytical. 


Jen HaHA said...

Yay for signing up for the 30 for 30! I'm adding you to my blog roll for now so I can follow your progress. You have great outfits and I'm sure you'll create more great ones with a limited amount of items. Plus, I hope to see some guest appearances from Doom!

Jen Hemming and Hawing Again