Minor Alterations

sweater dress, Martin & Osa
tights, Target
earrings, AE
boots, Kenneth Cole

I didn't realize until last night when I was uploading my pictures just how short my dress was yesterday. Probably about two inches shorter than what would generally be considered "work appropriate." Ooooops. So, today I made the smart decision of browsing my pictures before leaving the house. Thus, the addition of a belt, which I think did wonders for this outfit. 

And I know, my hair is up. INSANITY. But, the last thing I wanted to worry about while clearing three inches of snow off my car was my hair being in my face. (It came down about an hour into work, it needs to be loose or it gets angry. Yes, my hair does have its own personality.) 

Apartment sneak peek: Rainbow bamboo place mats!