shirt, NY & Co.
pants, Talbots
shoes, UO

Generally speaking, I'm not very intimidating. I giggle and I have limited upper body strength and I like frills and makeup. So, this is my attempt at being an authority figure. Ruffled black button-up with high waisted grey trousers and black suede pumps. Bam. Watch out. 
In case I haven't gushed about them enough already, I am SO GLAD I bought these pumps, they have been essential to my work (and play) wardrobe. 

This is my last round of webcam photographs, I promise!
Also, the roomie and I went apartment shopping today, so I will have pretty apartment photos soon. Yay!


kimmie said...

OMG, Lexie. You're so pretty, and your hair is gorgeous.

Loving this outfit! I've debating whether or not to get the UO suede pumps, but I think you just convinced me. I'll have to wait til after the 30 for 30 though. So excited we'll be doing it together! (well, okay, IF I end up signing up.. and there's a high probability of that) :)