Monsters Inside Me

Doom is clearly admiring my sweet flats.

sweater, AE
tank, A&F
jeans, F21
flats, Modcloth
pearl necklace, gift

I just ate a giant burger with cheddar, bacon, sauteed onions, and bbq sauce. With a side of onion rings and sweet potato fries (I shared that part with friends, don't worry). And fried ice cream for dessert (also, shared, thank God). Oh, and a couple bites of the roomie's Portabella Burger because she couldn't finish it and I mean, we wouldn't want food to go to waste, right?

My friends and I have officially decided that there is a Food Monster living inside me that is completely insatiable and lacks all sense of reason and social tact. 

Every now and then I'll go on a bender and literally eat anything I can find. I've tried everything I can think of to stop The Monster from surfacing: eating a protein filled breakfast, snacking at work, eating an apple when I think I'm hungry, chewing gum between meals. Nothing satisfies The Monster. 

Should I call MTV? (True Life: I Have A Food Monster Living Inside Me) 
Or maybe my friends should call A&E and stage an intervention. Then at least I could spend a few weeks in California doing yoga and learning how to tell The Monster to knock it off.

Anyone else have a Monster inside them? 


laura said...

I have a monster inside of me. Actually, maybe I have two or three. . .

I really like those flats you have on! I haven't seen pointed shoes in a long time, and I oh so long to buy a pair!

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