Cheesin' real hard.

jacket, F21; pants, Jones of New York; top, Gap; fur vest, Valerie Stevens; flower earrings, Charlotte Russe

So, I am an idiot and left my camera at home. Macbook photos and silly faces in my bedroom it is!

I was not feeling today's outfit at all until I put on this vest. I'm pretty sure fur makes everything better. Sadly, all the full length pictures turned out fuzzy (Too much sunlight streaming through my window? Who knows.), so you can't see the great pinstripe pants I am wearing. I'm starting to notice a trend with my work clothes: girly top (be it lace, ruffles, or silk) with trousers. When I was younger, I always imagined my "career wardrobe" would look like this, but I guess that's not practical when your job requires you to wear a shirt under your blazer.


Elle said...

you found a place to wear the fur vest! love it. i wore the bunny to wal mart the other day. i think you method is better.