My Triumphant Return!


I know, I know, it has been far too long. I have been insanelyyy busy with the holidays/work/moving in and blogging got pushed to the wayside. Sad. But I'm back, with lots to tell!

I started work and it's great. I'm moved in and almost decorated to my liking. NYE was a shitshow and a half and I LOVED IT.

The End.

Just kidding, I'll explain.

Work is challenging and interesting and fun and I love the people I work with. I somehow managed to really impress them this week and I've been promoted from Administrative Assistant to Office Administrator/Recruiter. So, hooray!
I have everything unpacked, but have yet to put the finishing touches on my room and the rest of the apartment. I think we have a really good start though.

I went grocery shopping with the roomie today and we are both food addicts, so I may or may not gain 100 lbs this semester. On a similar note, I realized this week that none of my "work" clothes fit. I don't understand how this happened, but it's a little upsetting because I've barely worn some of them! My frown turned upside down though when I got a great pair of navy trousers at Gap for $25 and a pair of hunter green wool ones from AE for FOURTEEN DOLLARS.

NYE was so so fun and the perfect way to kick off 2011. The BFFs and I got a hotel room and managed to start the mildly inappropriate behavior by 9pm. Ooops. It all ended successfully though, despite Elle's case of the sniffles!

Enough about me, on to outfitssss.

Pardon myself for looking so haggard, I took these after a day of working and unpacking.

top, Loft; skirt, F21; tights, Target; boots, Airwalk

At work, I wore my ASOS flats with this, but switched to these much more practical boots for unloading the car/unpacking. I'm loving this skirt (pocketsss!), and I can ~remix~ it so many ways, which is fantastic. I scored the top during the AMAZING post-xmas sale at Loft; I love the mix of black lace with blue stripes.


Caitlin said...

YAY you're back <3 and i like that skirt paired with some slightly more colorful accessories. (then again, i think everything you're wearing is technically neutral?)

Gingie said...

When multiple neutrals combine, do they become colorful?
I feel like I need to consult Tom & Lorenzo or Stacy & Clinton on that one.